We are far from ordinary people…

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Another weekend that has flown and even though the events that have happened this weekend may not seem extraordinary to others, but for me they have been. Saturday, I had a bit of a spring clean, my mind has felt a bit clogged up with so much I have been holding on to lately and it was so jam-packed that nothing practical could get through. By having a spring clean at home and getting rid of things that held no purpose anymore, it helped me to start to do this mentally and get rid of the crap that doesn’t need to be there. Sunday, I went and I met my sister for coffee, this may not seem like a big deal but I don’t like to leave the house on Sunday that’s my day to slob around and hide from the world. I went and it was amazing we spoke we laughed we cried we shared we shopped and the whole time the bitch of anxiety left me alone. I didn’t realize until I got on the train home that it hit me, I didn’t stress that people were looking at me, or I was saying the wrong thing or that there is a chance of me falling over. It was definitely a fist in the air moment!

This leads me to my tip of the day –

We are far from ordinary people…

After speaking to my sister today it helped me come to a conclusion…
We have not always got on and we honestly bonded over pain, a couple of years ago, but it was that same pain that pushed us apart. We are both shaped so differently from shared pain but have both come out of it with different experiences and different coping mechanisms.
This all made me think about the human race about what is going on around us. We are shaped by beliefs, mental illness, love, pain, and events that happened to us but the amazing thing is, even if you shared those experiences with other people the outcome is different for those involved.
Where the pain I have suffered has caused me to be a creative and neurotic person at times, for my sister it has had a different outcome she is very level headed but also can bottle things up.
This is an important thing to remember that we weren’t here to look the same, act the same and do the same things as everyone else. Your journey may have a few more bumps in the road then someone you know, but that doesn’t make your journey any less amazing. so this why we need to get in the mind set of remembering that having a mental illness doesn’t define you it just plays a part in shaping who you are.
We are far from ordinary people we have the abilities to love and to care for one another and shared and give hope. We can also cause pain, and heartbreak and betrayal. Negative and positive are a part of life and a part of us and it is always about finding that balance and remembering one can’t exist without the other.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


4 thoughts on “We are far from ordinary people…

  1. This was a beautiful post. This made me think of friend who I grew up with who I really care about. We went through the same exact kind of tragedy; it happened to me when I was teenager and her when she was an adult. I just saw her a few months back; after not seeing her for over 15 years. It was a homecoming for me which was very emotional. Anyways I felt I was really anxious and emotional about being back home. She looked good and she was calm and sociable and I thought back how i handled my own tragedy and she seemed to be in a much better place than I am. She seems happy and doesn’t seem to talk about it openly and a part of me is envious that she is doing better than me in that respect. But I remind myself that I am not in her head; I dot know how she feels inside and how she is coping with her tragedy, you know. We are all on our journey and I use what happened to inspire my writing and to be open about my feelings; everyone is different. I have no idea what I am going with this but its been on my mind a lot lately.

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  2. Beautiful worded. It came from heart and soul. So true is your article, l know when people read it, that will see a little bit of themselves between the lines.xx

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