It is just a bit of light right, not a storm.


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Well, I did ask the universe not so long ago to throw me a bone and send some good days my way and maybe sort my eye inflammation for at least one of my eyes. How did the universe respond to that question? Well, I still have inflammation in both eyes and so far this week I have had my headphones stolen at work, had so much drama go on at work it makes me want to stick a pen in both eyes and I have such a strong urge to emotional eat right now! Thanks universe! Oh and not forgetting that mother nature has decided that she wanted to come 14 days early to surprise me, just because she wanted to add a bit of sparkle to the situation, so a big thank you to mother nature too.
So to describe my week as simple as possible; it was one big hormonal, bitchy, son of a bitch. But I did get a new mug out of it so I guess every cloud has a silver lining.
But that is looking at it as a small picture, if I look at the bigger picture, there were plenty of moments I could have just crumbled and gone fuck this all! I didn’t, I dusted myself off each day and got through the shit show of a week because I have come this far to not let a bad couple of days send me backward.

Which leads me to my tip of the day –

It is just a bit of light right, not a storm.

I could have easily gone backward this week and just gone completelyinto myself. It seriously crossed my mind to get a mini fridge for my bedroom and a hot plate so I can live in my bed or maybe even dragging my bed downstairs, I didn’t get round to deciding. Instead, I realized it was just a bit of light rain and if I let it get me down than it was going to turn into a full on storm.
I have come to terms this week that I am a tad dramatic (maybe a bit more of a tad), I just had to let the light rain wash over me and just accept that shit happens. The more we let things get to us the more triggers we can develop, I know this is hard but life is hard if it weren’t then it would be raining chocolate right now. We can miss the bigger picture at times by just see the thorns and not the roses that they are attached to.
By letting 1 negative outweigh 3 positives in a day then you can create your own storm sometimes, don’t stand in your own way of happiness by creating a storm out of a bit of rain.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


6 thoughts on “It is just a bit of light right, not a storm.

  1. I agree with Jay-lyn – your positivity definitely shines through 🙂 and you’re so right – we do tend to create our own storms simply by how we perceive our situation! Great post 🙂

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      1. Oh you just made me teary eyed. This is not a bad thing darling. I am so glad that I have been able to assist you. And I will keep on encouraging you no matter what. (Or until you get sick of my optimism) 😘

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