We define who we are!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Fuck the storm and fuck the bitch of anxiety, I don’t want to be their slave anymore. I am tired of being dictated to by them, do this and don’t do that and be scared and be lonely. I just want a fucking life. I know that is a lot of fucks on a short amount of time and normally I would apologize for that but you know what, I am not apologizing for who I am anymore. I curse, I cry, I am forgetful; I somehow end up putting things like my phone in the fridge! I make mistakes I achieve things and I also have a mental illness. All those things are all just parts of me none of those things define me. I am me and you are you and that is ok.
I know I am not usually this intense from the get go but today I had one of those eureka moments, you know when you realize something and it is like a light bulb turning on in your head and you are like “fuck me!”

Which leads me onto my tip of the day –

We define who we are!

For so long I have been fighting the cause for mental health and mental illness and trying to raise awareness and heal some of my own wounds by sharing snippets of my story. I stand by this and we carry on doing this because I believe it is so important and it helps me during some really dark days. But, while all this focus has been on my bipolar and anxiety and eating disorder, I lost myself in the fog and was starting to let my mental illness define who I am.
I am more than mental illness, we all are. It shouldn’t define who we are because as soon as we let it define who we are then the harder it is to stop it from controlling our life’s.
I am not saying stop focusing on your mental illness but I am saying make time for focusing on the things in your life that mental illness doesn’t affect. Make those other parts of ourselves stronger and more dominant then we really will have the power to tell those negative thoughts to fuck off!
Your mental illness didn’t create your sense of humor, your mental illness didn’t create your love for your favorite colour and it didn’t create the love you have for reading. Instead, your mental illness may have injected itself into those things. So it is time to get know yourself again and it can be as simple as putting on a film you find funny not just because you need to cheer yourself up but just because you want too. We need to learn to love all parts of us and remember mental illness is only one part what about the other parts?
Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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