Is there no right or wrong path?


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you’re not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. What an exhausting couple of days it has been, I always seem to forget how much a manic cycle can take it out of me, it is a weird feeling to have, to feel so tired but also so wired at the same time. I feel like every emotion I have gone through these few days has been times by a hundred. I came home from Monday after a particularly difficult day with my mind racing but my body feeling like I have run a marathon. This is one of the most of the most difficult things to explain to people about mental illness, “it is in your mind how does that even affect your body?”
Well, there is the lack of sleep for one, how can that not have an effect on your body! I hold my breath a lot when I am feeling anxious, so lack of oxygen to the brain aka then to the body. I could go on, but there is no point because we shouldn’t have to explain ourselves. When something physical happens to someone we never seem to question the mental effect it can have on the person but it seems not to be the case when it is the other way round. When will the gap between the understanding of mental health and physical health be closed?

So today’s tip of the day is –

Is there no right or wrong path?

I have a playlist of songs I listen to for when I need music to help bring me back from that dark place deep within a storm and I’m Alive by Sia is one of them.
This song speaks to the part of me that knows there has been some bad shit in my past but I am still here I’m still breathing, I’m alive. Right now I have had to listen to that song a lot because I have been letting the fear of failure get the best of me because I am about to approach the decisions I have been avoiding for so long to make.
Have you ever felt like you are at a crossroads in life and you don’t know which way to turn because I have and fast approaching another one. Being a crossroad is daunting and we don’t want to make the wrong decision but is there really a right or wrong path?
The one path could teach you about staying strong and seeing the strength within you and the other path could teach you that there is no easy way in life, both paths have a lesson to learn. So no matter once one we choose the fear of making the wrong choice is what could cause more harm then turning down a path that comes with obstacles. Just think about it, you have survived every turn so far whether the path has been bumpy or smooth you are still here you are still breathing, you are alive. Also if it does feel like the wrong path for you it is never to late to turn back.
Vixxy Rose


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