Don’t let pressure take living out of life…


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you’re not well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. This weekend I have fought with anxiety and shit tone of pressure and it has triggered a manic cycle. I always have a self-care plan when it comes to a manic cycle this is the best time for me to get proactive and knock off a few things on my to-do list. I know it sounds like a bizarre way for dealing with a manic cycle but it works for me, to force my mind on something then letting it run away with me and ending up a week later spending money a new hobby my manic mind told me was a good idea. I can easily lose control during a manic cycle so I try my best to keep myself within the lines of reality because from experience it can cause me to go backward in my mental health.
I also find with a manic cycle I need noise a lot more as quietness seems to trigger destructive behavior, I need music a lot more during this time as I think it helps center me. This why it is so important to stress that self-care is not one size fits all, what works for me may sound weird to you and that is ok because self-care is all about the person needs.
I knew the scales would tip I have felt I have been in the middle of mood cycle for a while and now the storm can come and wash the shit away.

So let’s get on to my tip of the day –

Don’t let pressure take living out of life

Like I said before I think this manic cycle has been triggered by pressure and it wasn’t until I sat down today and looked at why I felt so pressured that realized how much pressure is pushing down not just on me but on us all.
• Work pressure
• Living pressure
• Growing up pressure
• Social media pressure

It feels like now days that there is so much pressure in the way we should be living that people don’t end up living they end up just surviving and by the time you have reached that point the pressure told you where you should be a new pressure has come along and your goal is pushed again out of your reach.
Sometimes it is worth sitting down and going through why you feel so much pressure and if that pressure is stopping you from enjoying your life is that pressure worth the weight?
Pressure is like poison and can kill you and with someone with a mental illness like anxiety, adding pressure on himself or herself is a recipe for disaster.
This is why my blog is my happy place and I keep it as low-key as possible I don’t need the added pressure to make it big in the blogging world and now then I do find myself slipping and adding that unnecessary pressure and I have to remind myself why I do this.
There are so many things in today’s society telling us how we should be living and it is hard to avoid the pressure but recognizing that pressure is unnecessary will help getting rid of the poison before it spreads. So now and then take a break and unplug from the world spend some time doing something fun as life is too precious to be dictated to by pressure.

Vixxy Rose


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