I love cheap thrills!


Hey everyone,

Welcome back to crazy little things! I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not, well that is ok too because you don’t have to be ok all the time as you are only human. Guess who’s back, back again…. The funk is back, back again! Let me explain the funk a bit better.

“The Funk”
The in-between place, not a full-blown mood cycle of low or high and also not feeling quite myself. It is a place where I feel the scale can be tipped either way by the smallest thing and this seems to be the place the bitch of anxiety seems to come out and play. Also, I fucking hate being in this funk because it’s so confusing and so mentally mind fucking. Is there a storm coming? How long will it last? Am I just overreacting and finding fault in everything?
See mind fucking, because at least with a mood cycle I kind of know what is install. I am starting to see it is my environment that is causing the funk, I do have a couple of unresolved things going on at the moment and it does not completely bring me down, just putting me on edge in a way. The funk I guess is a warning zone trying to tell me something is not sitting right with me mentally and if I don’t face it then I am at risk of triggering myself into a mood cycle.
Please let me know if you go through something similar it would be really good to hear if you do.

So anyway let’s move on to my tip of the day –

I love cheap thrills!

In the world we love in these days it is so easy to forget enjoying the simple things in life and most of the time those things are either free or really cheap. A lot of my self-care routine is based around the simple things in life. Whether it is watching a film that makes me laugh even if I have watched 100 times or sitting down for 5 minutes to enjoy me time with a cup of tea at work. These things are simple but to me bring me so much peace when I need it the most.
Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated it can be so simple because the simple things in life are personal to you, to me I can say I need to feel loved, laughter, peace, freedom, and balance. Those things are what I base my self-care around. Sometimes I will sit in my garden for 30 minutes and just look at the sky and watch the stars, which brings me peace. Also, I dance in my kitchen for 30 minutes at least once a week, I put on my music and dance and sing my heart out, this brings me freedom because I don’t give a fuck who can see me or hear me I do it for me no one else.
The simple things in life can give a person so much but I feel these days fewer people take advantage of those things. So instead of thinking you have to buy all the self-help books and follow all the instructions just simply write down the things that give you those simple moments of happiness and do them.
Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


7 thoughts on “I love cheap thrills!

  1. I’m sorry you have to feel like this. I had no idea what funk even. It sounds exhausting to be honest. My depression is a chronic depression. My schizophrenia is a chronic schizophrenia. I never know when I will get into a psychotic episode, but at least I always feel almost the same all the time. So I know what to expect. I might now know exactly how you feel, but hey! I’m here if you need me! ^^

    That’s so true; I do almost the same things. Dancing and singing my heart out is just so so helpful and it clears my mind and just make me feel so much better, and it’s so simple, right? Books about self care can be helpful, especially if you’re a “beginner” at this shit. But, really, a cup of tea, dancing for a few minutes, or just simply sitting down and daydreaming can me more than enough!


  2. I too have similar experiences of anxiety, there is no happy medium where anxiety is concerned. I do have a tendency to feel at peace when l shut my front door, you find you can be yourself. I enjoy reading your blogg, it says it as it is from the heart.x

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