Time to clean out the closet…


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. I AM BACK!!! I know I only posted yesterday but when inspiration comes-a-knocking I had to answer, also I think I am finally getting out of this funk that I have been in for a while now. yes no more moody bitch, well less of a moody bitch. It feels so good to get rid of some of this fog that has been clouding my mind lately. My life felt like it has been on pause due to this funk and now I have pressed play and I am ready to carry on moving forward.
Yeah my eyes are still not right but I can’t dwell on it anymore, it was dragging me down. I have now accepted this chronic illness is a part of me and it can’t carry on stopping me from living anymore because if I do, what life would that be?
I have spent so many years letting things beat me down and sooner or later I have to stand the fuck up and fight back, this is my life and I need to take back control. I need to take my own advice from my tips of the day.

So on that note lets move on to my tip of the day

Time to clean out the closet…

Today I decided to sort through my shit, I have had some new wardrobes last week and my clothes were still in pile in my spare room. Within the first 10 minutes, it fucking dawned on me, I am a hoarder! Half my wardrobe is jumpers because I fucking love jumpers and the other half was just a disaster. I really don’t let things go, I have held onto clothes that are years old and not in a million years would fit me again and also clothes with massive stains and rips. I actually said to myself out loud “what the fuck are you doing”.
Why was I holding onto these things? What purpose will they ever bring me? I don’t need them.
This is where I had the realization that it wasn’t just clothes that are clearly ruined I hold on too, but this is a pattern within my life. So now those items are all bagged up and trust me it was hard, I feel a weight has been lifted and it is time to move on.
We hold on to toxic and broken relationships because of fear, haven’t we all stayed in a job we hated, haven’t we all stayed friends with people who weren’t good for us, have we all let family treat us badly because they are blood, because I know I have. We know those things are bad but we are scared of what life would be without them. So it is time to look at those things that are no longer needed and no longer have a positive influence on our lives, it is time to clean out your closet.

Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


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