Your mental illness does not speak for you…


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. What can I say apart from still suffering with my eyes I didn’t even think I would be able to write today as it has been so bad I couldn’t even read texts on my phone, but I have rested and it has eased a little bit. Still the same old grumpy cow though, still feel fucked over by life and I know I shouldn’t focus on the negativity as it is a magnet for anxiety but on the other hand, if I just stuff these feelings down would that really be any better for me? So fuck it, I see it as I am suffering at the moment so I am entitled to be a bit on the grumpy side.
I think a lot of it just sheer frustration for many reasons because of this condition and it has taken a lot of things off me in a short amount of time, it doesn’t mean I won’t get those things back but it still a had fact to deal with,
I know life is full of ups and downs but I am ready for some ups now please I think it is well overdue. Unfortunately, I have had to put some things I was planning to do on the back burner as I can’t give them the full intention they deserve while I am dealing with this. It is a hard choice to make when it comes to your recovery when you feel something has to come first because you just want to do it all, but it is a marathon, not a race.

So let’s move on again from my moaning to my tip of the day –

Your mental illness does not speak for you…

One of the worst things you can say to me when I am grumpy or outspoken is “ oh no is that the bipolar speaking”. My bipolar is a part of me and yes it does have an effect on my mood but it doesn’t mean it always speaks for me.
We all have mood swings as we are human it happens to the best of us mental illness or not. Also being outspoken is not a symptom of bipolar; so never let anyone label you because you have a mental illness.
You are you, you are not your mental illness you are a person made up of many weird and wonderful things, and you deserve every opportunity and every bit of respect people have who don’t have a mental illness.
Your mental illness does not speak for you; you speak for your mental illness.

Short one today as my eyes are killing me 😦

Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


3 thoughts on “Your mental illness does not speak for you…

  1. I agree with you on that. It’s a bit different with schizophrenia, because when I’m delusional, it’s actually really schizophrenia talking though. Like I’m convinced I’m a wooden doll and I’m not even alive, this is really not me. But I hate when people negate a part of me because “oh it’s just your schizophrenia”. No. I’m really myself, even the bad parts. Don’t link everything to schizophrenia, I am me. Better and worse parts of me. When I say even something weird, it’s not “all just your mental illness”.

    So this is kinda a connected topic. I found this on tumblr, and I think I agree with what I’ve read. It’s about schizophrenia here, but it could be about any mental illness really. So I’m goin to quote it here, and I’m interested in what you think of it.

    “I think I’ve realized why it upsets me when people correct me when I say “I’m schizophrenic” instead of “I suffer from schizophrenia.”
    For me, it’s no big deal. I’m schizophrenic. It’s a part of me, not something I feel the need to separate from who I am as a person.
    But when people are implying that identifying with schizophrenia is bad, that implies that they think schizophrenia must be clearly separated from who I am as a person, because in their eyes, schizophrenia negates my personhood, it makes me less than, broken, and if they want to see me as a person, they have to clearly separate the schizophrenia from the person they see.
    And I don’t like that implication.
    I’m schizophrenic, and if you think articulating that degrades me, that’s on you and your view of schizophrenia and schizophrenic people, not on me.
    I’m schizophrenic, and that doesn’t make me any less of a person.”

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