Sometimes by being someone else’s light we light our own path…


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Wow, I didn’t realize it had been a while since my last blog post life has been pretty intense but I am back now ready to tell you all about it (you poor things).
So lets recap, when I lasted posted I was feeling kind of crappy but had started to feel better. I was living in a grey world for a while and it took a while for the colour to come back. I put this down to me facing my food issues, I started to question myself; was I ready for this? Can I change years of damage? Am I strong enough to follow this through? And I was honestly answering these questions with a big fat no; I faced a hurdle rather quickly and didn’t make it over. Those weren’t the questions I should have been listening to as I should have been listening to; is anyone really prepared for the hard shit in life? What is stopping me from getting back up? Is it just anxiety trying to stop me from a new and scary situation?
To cut a long story short I spent das overthinking my decision of dealing with my food issues instead of biting the bullet and getting up and dusting myself off from my first stumble. Well since that period of overthinking I have contacted a hypnotherapist and got myself back on track with a nutritional plan, just because I have done these big achievements doesn’t mean that’s it the battle is over I am fully aware the battle has just begun and I am fucking ready for battle! If I fall again, then I fall, I just have to make sure I get back up.

My tip of the day –

Sometimes by being someone elses light we light our own path…

Today I was nearly bought to tears by someone’s act of kindness, just by a few sentences said to me from a person, I had the overwhelming feeling of hope and determination of I am here for a reason all is not lost, basically “fuck yeah I can do this” I thought. That is the power of kindness, it takes more energy to poison someone then it does to show someone kindness.
It can be as simple as smiling at someone and asking them how their day is going, that can make someone’s day by just by feeling noticed. This world can be a dark lonely place and it is so easy to make a difference to someone’s life by a small act of kindness.
If I was honest I think because I can be quite a grumpy person and the bitch of anxiety likes to but in my life a lot I probably don’t spread as much kindness as I could but I am making the steps to change that because I don’t want to be bitter anymore.
Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


5 thoughts on “Sometimes by being someone else’s light we light our own path…

    1. This will be my first time I know a few people you have been to one and said it has really helped them with anxiety and demons they can’t seem to win the battle against so I thought why not worth a try! I will do s blog post on it afterwards 😊

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