Not today anxiety, not today!

Anxiety-does-not-Quotes-by-Charles-Spurgeon-By-POPOPICS.jpgHey everyone,Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Well, there is good news and bad news with my eye, I have a bad inflammation in the middle layer and have to be on steroid drops for the next few months and won’t know if any permanent damage until the inflammation has gone. But onwards and upwards as I am on the mend and that is the main thing,
The other good news is that even though the bitch of anxiety came out to play my mood deep too far for too long, I am proud of myself for this as I really do feel I have got good control of my bipolar right now.
This post may be a short one due to my eyes not being able to take the strain of the laptop for too long. I can’t give up my happy place in sickness or in health.
Thank you to everyone who has sent me such support over the last few days your strength has really pick me up from the edge of the dark fall.So my tip of the day is – Not today anxiety not today!Sometimes you have to make the best of a bad situation, so instead of letting anxiety control my thought process with these little beauties:
• You’re so selfish for looking after yourself
• You’re weak
• You deserve this pain
I am taking the stance of my body needs to heal and my mind needs to be strong for this. When you can feel that bitch of anxiety knocking on your door, take a stance with your mind and kick-start that self-care. Write down the good parts of the day even if it just “ I got through today`”. The bitch of anxiety is waiting in the background for an opportunity to come in and when we are not well physically. that is a welcome sign. So don’t forget to take care of yourself mentally as well as physically when you are physically unwell, as mental health is health.Take care allVixxy rose

One thought on “Not today anxiety, not today!

  1. You’re right. I’ve never thought it was possible, but while I was sick with a flu and then with a strep throat and with the pain of one of my wisdom teeth, I actually felt more anxious and depressed that usually! I had no idea it worked like that. So yes, take care of yourself physically as well, because it’s very important.
    And I’m very glad and proud of you for taking control over bipolar! I know it must be very hard, and yet you’re doing it. The same goes for anxiety. Also with the eye situation. The fact that you’re doing something instead of collapsing to the floor and crying (which I’d probably do) is very inspiring and a sign of strength. Don’t stop, don’t lose that hope. Crying won’t help here after all. I hope you’re having a great day today!

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