The stars are still there behind the clouds


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Someone is a happy human today and yes surprisingly that happy human is me, which may be because I have managed to get a t-shirt to represent how much I love Sunday and some amazing new pajamas. So even though I have left my weekend bubble for a couple of hours it was worth it because I was worth it. After a week of having that bitch of anxiety taking up residence in my head, I deserved a treat.


This week has been filled with these wonderful things:
• Stress at work
• The bitch of anxiety taking the wheel
• Facing my fears
• The mother issues rising to the service again
• Loneliness

So as you can tell it’s been a shit load of lemons thrown my way. So now I need I am trying to get my shit together after having an emotional anxiety filled week. I am not only physically tired but I am emotionally tired from the anxiety but that hasn’t stopped the fire burning strong inside me to make things better again.

So this week has also been filled with:
• Hope
• Determination
• Love
• Gratitude

This brings me to my tip of the day – The stars are still there behind the clouds.

It is so easy to focus on the bad shit that happens to us because it is so hard to ignore, as it is like a dark cloud that casts a shadow on everything. But behind that dark cloud lies the brightest of stars shining, just waiting for you to look up and notice.
If I wouldn’t have stood back and really looked back on this week I wouldn’t have remembered there was good that come out of this week and that it was not always doom and gloom.
So if you have had a bad time lately, stop and look up at the stars and for every bad thing that has happened try to think of a good thing. It doesn’t have to be big it could be as simple as you managed to eat breakfast after now being able to eat due to stress and anxiety.
Please feel free to share in the comments your stars from this week 🙂

Take care all

Vixxy rose

13 thoughts on “The stars are still there behind the clouds

  1. Well, this week’s kind of busy for me…..As I’m setting the things up for my music persevering…….So definitely, this weeks have been full of problems and stress.. But I think I dealt well..

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  2. Your blog is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day!

    It gives me a new perspective and hope that things might seem gloomy but there is a definitely a bright star staring back from behind it 🤗

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  3. I do a “reality” journal where I write down (well, track in an app on my phone that backs up online) what happened each day. That is partly because I need to literally remember for testimony sometimes, and dissociation and trauma memories encoding can make that ridiculous if I don’t write it down. I used to just focus on the stuff that I might need to use later, but these past few months I’ve been trying to write the “good” things, too. Admittedly, there haven’t been as many as I wish, but it does help to at least occasionally see evidence that I practiced self-care or that my Partner did actually make me his fancy allergy-friendly pizza crust after I sleep talked and told him to :-p This post seems like a “reality week” journal :-p

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  4. Hang in there sweetie. I am so happy to read that you’re in a good mood today. I love your shirt! I deal with anxiety and depression, they feed off of each other, it’s a real bitch. Hugs.

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