Anxiety… what a bitch!


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Hello weekend bubble aka pajama and tea time, lots of tea and fuck it lets throw some biscuits into the mix why the hell not. I am feeling more energized now, took me a bit of time and sleep to recover from my latest manic cycle but back to my annoying self. I have had a few little blips of anxiety this week but nothing I haven’t been able to handle. I guess the hardest bit of this week was having my issues with my mom rear it’s ugly head and it brought up emotions I have just been pushing down as I am not ready to face that shit right now. And that’s ok as this is something that is not going to be solved overnight it’s going to take time and I don’t feel strong enough yet. But I will, I am not running from it, as I have learned the hard way you can’t run from your issues they always find you.

Well enough of the rambling, I want to talk about that bitch we all seem to know so well, this bitch likes to fuck up your life when you least expect it and can stop you from doing things you really want to do. This bitch can make you not only think your mind is against you but also the whole damn world.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Anxiety…

The one important thing I have learned with my battle with anxiety is no story is the same, this bitch can affect people in so many different ways, from:

• Heart palpitations
• Sweating
• Vomiting
• Twitching
• Headaches
• Flashbacks
• Breathlessness

The list is endless, the bag of tricks anxiety seems to have reminds me of the fucking Mary Poppins bag. These means it can be so hard to know what to do when anxiety hits.

I didn’t realize what I was dealing with was anxiety until about 5 years when I first saw help for my mental health and the health professional explained to me what anxiety is. I always listened to those bad thoughts anxiety gave me, as come on its coming from my own mind so it must be true, right?
No, I was so wrong, I wasn’t lazy, not everyone on this earth hated me and I wasn’t a loser.
I am a warrior and go to battle with this bitch of anxiety and you know what I am winning more and more these days and I may lose a battle now and then but that’s ok because I know I will win the war.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

12 thoughts on “Anxiety… what a bitch!

  1. I have very severe agoraphobia. Even other people with agoraphobia go “wow you really have severe anxiety”. Anxiety stole my life. Literally. Because of it I can’t go to school, I can’t have a job, I don’t have irl friends and Im not independent at all, as I can’t go to the store alone, I can’t buy any ticket, I can’t open the door when the mailman rings the door, I can’t call anyone besides mom and dad. And there’s more, but I could talk about it forever, so let’s stop here. Contrary to the most popular belief my panic attack are rarely severe enough though, for a person to be able to tell I am having a panic attack. Yes there were times when I literally collapsed to the floor, cause my legs went numb. But most of the time it lets me go to the toilet before it shows. And then I vomit and shake and my heart feels like it’s gonna explode and I sweat and get flashbacks. But panic attacks steal life from be little by little every time. And it feels as if one day they will steal all of me. If you know even only one thing I was talking about, then you know, first hand, what hell feels like.

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      1. Thank you. That means a lot ❤️ there’s not much I can do about my situation, because therapy doesn’t help for shit, and I’ve been in therapy for the past 3 years. But the least I can do is show people they are not alone. You are a warrior too! You fight your own anxiety! Your own demons. Plus it doesn’t really matter how bad your anxiety is in this matter, because every form of anxiety requires a lot of strength to deal with it.

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  2. Thinking of that Mary Poppins bag made me laugh hard. I love your blog posts, as well as when something you post pops up on my Twitter, and Instagram feed! Always inspiring, making me smile, or think. You’re a warrior!

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