Don’t ask me that.


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. HELLO WEEKEND!!! And hello my weekend bubble, I got new pajamas to celebrate today and was even able to shop without extreme anxiety, so it is a double self-high-five for me today. I am so glad to be away from the working week for a couple of days, I need me time desperately. Since I have been feeling so disconnected from the real me recently, it is time to put me in the driving seat, work on things that will make me happy, not my bipolar or anxiety, just me.

So I am going to fill my weekend with little snippets of Vicky joy and make sure I make the most of my weekend as I feel a manic cycle heading towards me, so I don’t want to lose this time I have with myself without it being clouded with mental illness.

Let’s get the ball rolling with today’s post and have a little look at something that ignites a fire in all of our blood…

Don’t ask me that.

We all have experienced this at some point and it can cause irritation, eye rolls, and let’s not forget sarcastic replies. There are some questions that people can ask us that is like the equivalent of nails down a chalkboard. Sometimes there are generally harmless and with curiosity but there is the occasional time they are asked with ignorance.

Questions like these for example:

Are you just being dramatic?
Do you think it is just in your head?
Is depression just like being sad?
Are you crazy?
Do you think God is just punishing you?
How do you seem so normal?
I could go on, feel free to add yours in the comments. Do people expect us to wear badges saying I am crazy or just sat in a corner somewhere rocking and crying? These are the times we have to be the bigger person, instead of lashing out. There is still a lot of stigma attached with mental health so answering these questions can seem annoying but is necessary in helping to end the stigma attached to mental illness. As you never know the person asking those questions may be dealing with a mental illness and is afraid to get help because of said stigma and your answer may be the push that they need to get help.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

11 thoughts on “Don’t ask me that.

  1. My favorite was my ex telling me I don’t actually have depression and BDD, I just “needed someone to tell me I was pretty.” 😑

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  2. “What is she trying to prove?”
    My grandma said that to my mom after learning I self harm. My mom got really angry.
    “She is not trying to prove anything! She has a problem. She’s been hiding it for years. She’s not trying to prove anything to anyone!”
    Another thing my grandma said
    “Maybe an exorcism would help.”
    Fucking thanks grandma! She knows perfectly well that’s I’m an atheist and is she implying that the devil took control of me just because I hear voices?
    I don’t want people to think that of me 😔

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  3. The fact that you realize you are looking down the barrel at a manic episode is indicative of how in touch you are with yourself. That is a huge step. My mom was a psych nurse and she told me (she was community health nurse and visited her clients in the field) that it was only ‘after’ the episode had passed that they were able to even realize that they had been in one. And new jammies!!! Awesome. Flannel? Silk? Polka Dotted? Striped? You cannot leave us in suspense. Enjoy your weekend bubble (and maybe feel a bit sorry for me because I am working 9-3:30 Saturday) and drive as far as your imagination and well being can take you. 🙂 (I can only make smiley faces on my notebook)

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    1. Oh! I wanna know what kind of pj it is too 😊 as long as you’re ok to share that with us of course. Actually I just bought myself 2 pajamas last week. I always sleep in my shirt and pants, but I had literally no pj that I could wear if I were to ever go to a sleepover. Which is fine actually, because I don’t have friends anyways. But still, I can have nice pajamas just for myself, right? My mom wanted to buy me some sexy ones, like she would buy for herself. But no way! I wanted cute ones. So a blue one with a kitty with words “ believe in yourself”. And a blue-yellow one with butterflies. What kind of pajamas do you like?


    2. Lol they were flannel as they always feel like a hug! Sorry to leave you in suspense I was enjoying my weekend bubble too much 😊 best part of my job don’t work weekends been there got the t-shirt with working weekends won’t do that again! Hope you had a wonderful weekend 😊


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