Can we fix it… not always!


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Can someone please tell me how we are nearly halfway through the year!! Like honestly how do I have 7 months left in my twenties!
I am having another week full of emotions and just life lemons coming in from every fucking where. I was saying to my partner that all I want is peace, I don’t care about money or possessions, just want a drama free peaceful life. I honestly don’t think I am going to get that, I think my life has been stained with some everlasting things that I can’t run from, so maybe peace for just a week or 2 will do me for now. As I am tired of being of being hit in the head with life lemons.

There is one thing I have learned this week and it has been a hard lesson to learn.
So my tip of the day is – Can we fix it… not always!

I am a fixer, a people pleaser you might say, and I can’t stand to see others in pain or suffering. I will always try my best to soothe others, which has caused me downfall a lot of times. I hate unsolved situations they can fester in my mind and can bring out that bitch of anxiety or that dark cloud of depression.
But that’s the thing though isn’t it, sometimes we can’t always turn lemons into lemonade, sometimes those lemons hit us and fall to the ground and just rot away. I know this all sounds pretty negative so far, but it really isn’t if we spent our whole trying to fix everything is that really living?
Sometimes a problem is not fixable and we have to walk away from that problem and that might be the lesson we need to learn, learning when to just walk away.
We may be some badass superheroes battling through life and mental illness, but sometimes we need to down our weapons and just focus on living instead of fixing.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

5 thoughts on “Can we fix it… not always!

  1. Brief post but possessing a strong message of Life.
    We can’t fix not some of the things, but our whole life. No matter how much we try hard, die hard to change, to mould, to turn the ways as we want. Each and everyone’s life has its own specific way which leads him to a different destination for which he meant to. The way is ALREADY fixed by GOD. So You CAN’T “RE-FIX” IT. Walk according to the ways, don’t walk to change the ways according to you.
    Well done…👍👍

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