Think about that


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you’re not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. The weekend will be over in a couple of hours and I am again already feeling slight anxiety for Monday morning, I hate leaving my bubble. I sometimes wonder in my pajamas cuddle each other because they miss me as much as I miss them. It’s especially difficult considering how next weekend I won’t be in my bubble at all as I am off on a camping weekend but I am looking forward to a few days unplugged from the world with my partner and amazing friends.
Well, my mood overall has been good, no storm on the horizon but still have that ache in my heart that I can’t seem to shake off.
Every song I listen to the lyrics speaks to that ache. I was getting ready to go out Saturday afternoon when a song came on my playlist and it just knocked me down. I was overcome with so many emotions: anger, sadness, hurt and before I knew it I was writing along to the song. I was finally getting off my chest some of the things I have wanted to say to certain people.

So thank you Jessie J for the song; “Think about that” it has truly helped me find a way of unlocking some of the pain. Link for the song found below, I hope you find it as inspiring as I did to write your own “think about that”. See it as writing a letter to the people who have wronged you and caused you pain that has imprinted on your life.

Tip of the day – Think about that

Think about the times you made me out to be the bad one, the liar
Think about the times you faked it to the world
Painted this perfect picture, but it was far from it

Think about the times you blamed me
Think about the times you left me out in the cold
One by one you have turned on us all
Think about that

Was it all worth it?
The lies on top of lies
Think about that

Think about the times you told me I was not good enough
Think about the times I came to you for help
Told you my mind was against me
Only to be ignored
Think about that

When you needed me I was there
Through it all I was there
Think about the fact this family has been destroyed
That’s what happens when you build a life on lies

Think about how you chose not to listen
Think about how you put your own needs before us
You knew you could lose us
Now what do you have
Think about that.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

10 thoughts on “Think about that

  1. I know that feeling when suddenly the song comes up and you just start to cry, or fall on the ground, or it just hurts inside. And I love those songs. Because they make me feel something and they make me think. Even though there are times I just have to skip that song, because it just hurts too much and I simply can’t take it. So yes, I’m thankful for that songs and that singers. They can touch my heart. That is the best 😊

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  2. My heart hurt reading this. And I got teary eyed. I am so glad that you are away from that and with a partner who loves and supports you. And I am sure your jammies cuddle waiting for you to come home to them. Hugs.

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