What I have learned in 365 days


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you not, well that is ok too as you’re only human. Well, guess who has been blogging for nearly a year! Since my first post on here on the 25th of April 2017 I haven’t looked back. This is probably, no actually the best decision I have ever made during a manic episode. Even after my very first post, the pure relief I felt was magical and over time this blog has turned into my happy place.
Over these last 365 days my blog has changed along with me and through the darkest of storms and the brightest of days, it’s been there like a best friend supporting me through it all.

So what I have learned in 365 days

I am not alone, the people I have connected with on here have been amazing to me that I can’t really find the right words to describe my gratitude. The support from other bloggers has turned this once lonely girl who felt so misunderstood into someone who feels like they have a place in this world, at last.
More needs to be done. As well as feeling like I am not so alone in this world, I also have learned through this journey that not only do I have a lot to learn about my own mental illness but so does the rest of the world. There is still a lot of stigma out there and the funding and support from local governments is lacking and even though a lot of people are getting the help they need a lot of people still aren’t.
Strength can be silent; many of us don’t see the times where we show bravery. Strength is speaking up about your mental health, strength is never giving up during the dark days, strength is learning to take a break when you need one from life and focusing on self-care.
Most importantly I may not think this all the time but I have been thinking this more and more since I started the blog, things will be okay. I have such hope not only for myself but for others out there too battling with their minds that one day we will find peace in this world.

Thank you again to all who have supported me through this last 365 days.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

18 thoughts on “What I have learned in 365 days

  1. That’s great to learn you’ve been blogging for one year. Happy birthday to your blog Vicky and keep up that spirit of striving and improving mental health for a better life everyday. I have learnt much too and even though I’ve little knowledge about blogging I believe it’s helpful in sharing and spreading beautiful messages that uplift stranded souls. 😊😍

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  2. First of all,
    Congratulations on your First anniversary of blogging….
    May your blog last until the world ends..
    Secondly, …..Yeah, you said right.
    “Life never stops teaching.”
    Everyday, we learn something new, we experience something new. But it’s up to us that how we take those experiences. Some say, “Life is killing me slowly.” While some say, “Every moment of my life, is a new life for me.”
    So glad that you’re taking the things positively, which is most important thing.
    “Things will be okay.” :- In actual, this small line has a vast meaning hidden in itself. There are a lot of perspectives and opinions hidden in this sentence. I’ll talk about them in detail the other day.
    In summary I’d like to say : Things are already okay. This is just on our own eye weather things are okay or not. But in Reality, Things remains as it are ! God created such an illusion of THINGS!!…
    I liked the post so much!
    Keep up writing!
    You got to go a long way along !!. 😊

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  3. Wow it’s been so long! I’m so glad you found relief and understanding on this platform. I know I did too ^^ I’m so grateful to have you as my friend. Reading your posts is a pleasure.
    In Poland people are just now fighting for money for handicapped people. The government is absolutely against abortion, but at the same time they refuse to help people who are born with physical or mental illnesses. Isn’t that just absurd? There is indeed so much more to still be done, we will keep on learning. You can always count on me and I’m sure you can also count on other people on here : ) have a great day!!


      1. You’re most welcome. I wish I was a fairy godmother (lol I joke that when I graduated they forgot to give me my wings and wand) so I could help more. So I try with my words and virtual bear hugs. 💗😊

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