I wonder if…


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you not, well that is ok too as your only human. Here we are then Wednesday, well it feels more like Monday part 3 because is it just me or is this week going extra slow. I am still under the dark clouds and I am finding it a little harder to get out of this storm, so that may be the reason why this week is dragging. I actually stopped one morning this week on the way to work, why am I doing this, I thought, why do I keep fighting? Is more than this, more than this pain?
Please don’t read this wrong, I am not low I am just tired and I need to rest, fighting your mind on a daily basis is exhausting and don’t we all deserve a break now and then. I want to turn the shadows that haunt me, into something beautiful and meaningful.
Maybe it will help to unpack one of the pieces of baggage I carry around me. I am going to take my story and use it, be the light in the darkness for others lost in the dark with me.

My tip of the day – I wonder if…

I wrote this sentence the other day in my notebook when I consumed by a thought that seems to be stuck on a loop in my mind and this one sentence set me free. By writing down the things that take up a lot of space, it helped me accept this is how I feel and now I can find a way on from that wonder.
So write down what you wonder, whether it is;
• I wonder if they ever loved me
• I wonder if I will always be lost
• I wonder if I will ever belong
• I wonder if I will be happy
• I wonder if I will get that job

Whatever it is that lays heavy on your heart, write it down. Take back control and set yourself free with a paper and pen because you never know, that wonder could be that thing holding you back.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

6 thoughts on “I wonder if…

  1. That’s good. Writing is good. I will start “I wonder if” pages. I want to write those things down.
    I once put a simple sentence in my journal. “And then what?” I think about it a lot, because I really don’t know. I finish a university. And then what? I will be alive at my next birthday. And then what?
    And it’s good who wonder. Because this way I start making at least vague plans. And that’s better than going through life totally clueless.
    Thank you for the idea! Stay safe

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