Red, Amber and GO GO GO!


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is feeling ok and if you not, well that is ok too as your only human. So the storm is still above me right now, surprise surprise, well it has eased up a little, a little less thunder and lightning and a little more light drizzle of rain and dark clouds. I guess the saying is right ‘every cloud has a silver lining’, even though I still feel quite down, things have eased up a little and I can think a little more clearly. The most annoying part of feeling like this is the questions that are attached to a cycle whether it is a low or manic one.
• How long is it going to last this time?
• Should I go back on medication?
• Will it ever end?
• Will anyone ever understand me?
• Can I carry on like this?

Those are just to point out a few, but as you can see the questions that run through our mind snowball too. It’s like our mind is made up of tiny little wheels of bad thoughts crashing into one another causing absolute chaos.

Tip of the day – Red, Amber and GO GO GO!

I have decided to try out a new technique during this cycle to see if it helps. As you all know I love writing things down and have an endless supply of notebooks so it is something I can incorporate into my day-to-day life.

The traffic light system

Due to this traffic jam of thoughts that’s going on upstairs, I need to get that mess sorted as soon as possible, so let’s organize these damn thoughts of mine.

Red – The thoughts that worry me the most and I probably need to stop and focus on myself. Even if it means I cancel plans with people or need to take a day off work. These thoughts could be suicidal or self-harm. It depends on the person I guess. Self-care or even professional help is needed at this time.

Amber – The thoughts that can keep me up at night or distract me during my day-to-day activities. Take some time for me, take a tea break and treat myself to something, like watching my favorite film just some general TLC.

Green – The thoughts that can just affect me for a split second, like thinking someone is looking at me and judging me for no reason. These are the types of thoughts that I have. Just keep going forward not worth the headspace up there.

I am not saying this will work for everyone and you could just see it as an example of trying different methods on dealing with a cycle, low mood or anxiety. If your usual method is not working why not try something new.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

6 thoughts on “Red, Amber and GO GO GO!

  1. this seems to be very useful in terms of helping one to observe his or her progress in terms of mood and feelings and also reactions when in moods and feelings 😊

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