The King of Eggs


Hey everyone

Happy Easter to you all, I hope everyone is having a relaxing day and enjoying whatever you are doing whether you have been to church or spent it doing an Easter egg hunt with family and friends or like me been sitting on the sofa watching old films eating your Easter eggs. So as I sit here with a full tummy finding bits of chocolate on my jumper now and then, I thought I would be a bit more productive and do my blog post earlier than planned.
Easter isn’t special to me like it is for other people as I am not religious. I am just glad it is Sunday and I can just be in my pj’s and not have to go out and deal with the outside world, got to love that Sunday bubble.

I wanted to do a bit of a theme and since I am not religious all I had left to work with is Eggs. So I sat and thought and I sat and I thought a little bit more and this is what I came up with (my apologies)

What we can learn from an egg!

This goes out to the king of all eggs, Mr. Humpty Dumpty, take a bow sir, just don’t fall (again I am so sorry).
You might not think this but we can learn a lot from Humpy Dumpty. We know the rhyme, he sat on a wall and had a great fall and couldn’t be put back together again.
The shell of the egg is the strongest part of an egg, it’s the barrier that protects the egg from harm and just like the wall we put up to protect ourselves, it can be broken no matter how much we think it can’t. We can build wall after wall of those defenses that are meant to protect us but it only takes a fall for them to fall apart.
It may seem like the end of the world when that shell cracks and breaks but it really isn’t. Humpty Dumpty had the help of the king’s horses and the king’s men willing to try and put him back together again. They may not of put him back to what he was before but why would you want to put back to what you were before as that is what broke. Why not, with the help and support around you put yourself back together stronger then you were before.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

4 thoughts on “The King of Eggs

  1. I like that reasoning. We may fall and break, but every time we do and put ourselves back together we’re a little stronger and tougher that we were before.
    I’m not religious either, not at all. But I like holidays. A day off school or work is always nice. And people are generally in good moods. It’s like “I’m not religious, but I’ll still take a break and do nothing today”. Yup, that’s me today 😄

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