Abracadabra! Oh the problem is still there!…


Hey everyone

We have made it to Wednesday; if you have struggled, like me, this week give yourself a self-high five. I am actually starting to think that someone has been playing a joke on me this week. It is like someone decided to gather a bunch of life lessons lemons in like a wheelbarrow, waited until that moment on Monday morning when I was opening eyes and dumped them on me. They have been hitting me left right and center. I can’t move at the moment without a fucking life lemon hitting me in the fucking face. So if I ever find the person who thought that was a great idea, I will be putting one of those lemons in their fucking…

Anyway, with that slight rant over with let’s carry on. I want to bring up something that I have learned this week.

Tip of the day – You can’t just wave a magic wand.

If only it was so easy as just picking up a wand and poof! Problems have disappeared or probably exploded if magic was real and I was trusted with a wand. Hoping and googling for that magical fix for a problem is probably going to leave you feeling disappointed. Look, we have all been there but this isn’t a Harry Potter book, unfortunately, and let’s be honest even with all that magic at Harry’s fingertips he still had a shit tonne of problems that he couldn’t disappear with a wave of his wand.
Facing something head-on can be daunting and a problem wouldn’t be called a problem if it were easily solved. So lets put down the wands and address the issue because even by acknowledging something is a small step to solving the problem.
For me, I have to stop pushing down my feelings on my relationship with my parents, instead of saying I am fine and yeah I am ok with the fact they don’t bother with me at all, I need to admit to myself no I am not ok. Actually, I am fucking devastated at the state of the relationship and I need to find a way of being ok with it instead of pretending that I am.
Well, that is a story for another night because if I carry on talking about thais problem we will be here all night!
This can also be applied to not only with a problem you see with yourself but with things around you. If you want to spread awareness for something like mental health, or an illness or even a social issue, instead of just liking a post online, help out a charity, stand up and be counted and get your voice heard.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

One thought on “Abracadabra! Oh the problem is still there!…

  1. What an amazing post. it’s really cool to learn not to pretend to say that it’s ok when it’s not. It’s really cool to spread awareness and being charitable to those struggling with mental illness and other challenges that affect a person mentally. Thanks again Vicky for reply and encouragement that it’s Good to work on myself and spend time to see how beautiful I am and the beauty of life. Am now back fully joining you in improving human kind mentally and healing our souls from mental illnesses. 😊😍👏

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