Take five!



Hey everyone

Hello weekend it is nice to see you again, I have missed you so much well, I have missed being in my pjs so much actually. Even though I can feel the storm brewing of a mood change in the background of my mind, I am feeling pretty positive. Even though these mood cycles are fucking awful, I feel more and more positive my mental health toolbox can handle and give me shelter from the rain.
Even though I have a pretty full weekend, I know I also have to make self-care priority. Whether I just have 5 minutes away from people to gather my thoughts or keeping my notebook on me to keep my tiny victories updated as my day goes on. This is exactly why I am so proud of myself, recognizing the signs and not ignoring them is not so easy and I don’t do it perfectly every time but it is not a race, it’s a marathon.


So my tip of the day is – Take five!

I hope you all are doing well and are looking forward to the weekend, remember if you are not doing ok, that is ok also. Whether you are dancing on the ceiling with happiness or crying because you feel the weight of the world on top on your shoulders, except those feelings for what they are as they are yours no one else’s.
The weekend can bring its own unique forms of stress like social gatherings and household chores. Take a break whether you are out with friends or doing the vacuuming, take 5 minutes to yourself to gather your thoughts. Nothing wrong with excusing yourself for a few minutes or taking a sit down between chores to have a cup of coffee or tea, whatever your poison is. Basically take 5 minutes to make you a priority, no one else.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

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