You can’t paper over the cracks!


Hey everyone

I have just woken up from a nap and I am ready for bed! Wednesday is the day where you notice your fuel meter is below half way and you are starting to feel a bit sluggish. You know that point between peppy and exhausted, that “eurgh” feeling. I am also supposed to be starting the gym tomorrow, eurghhhhh!!!!!
I am determined to do this though no matter how I am feeling, as I no longer walk up stairs I crawl up them! Like I am on the last few stages of climbing Mount Everest, one day I am going to need an oxygen tank and a flag.
So anyway that’s enough about me and my “eurgh” feeling. Hope everyone is doing well and if not remember not being ok is actually ok. So many of us hear this phrase but forget to apply it to ourselves, including me. We are our own judge, jury and executioner, sometimes we need to just be our own cheering squad. So what you didn’t get out of bed today but that is just one day, try again tomorrow it doesn’t make you the worse person in the world.


Tip of the day – You can’t paper over the cracks!

Putting on a smile doesn’t fix how you are feeling, it just makes your face ache and makes you feel worse for ignoring your problems and lying to people that you’re doing great. When you paper over the cracks the cracks are still there getting bigger and spreading and then one day they just fall apart.
No one can force you to fix those cracks, as who likes to do DIY anyway. DIY can be long, hard and honestly annoying as hell. In the long run though, totally worth it. As you will always be able to look at the space where the crack used to be with pride and then with your mental health toolbox in hand, give yourself a self-high five and think, fuck yeah I fixed that!

Take care all

Vixxy rose

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