Inspirational Women’s Day

Rachel Bloom

Hey everyone

So its international women’s day and I thought I would get in touch with my feminine side…Actually, I am not so happy with my feminine side at the moment. I decided to treat myself the other day in some new face products, I got some new foundation and face wash and guess what I had a bad reaction to it and ended up with a really bad allergic reaction to them. So now I am dealing with a red puffy face thanks to my feminine side. Also, I have full-blown winter legs (you ladies know what I mean) so I think that ship has sailed on the feminine side for the moment.

There are a quite a few women who I look up to, but today I thought I would write about one particular that has recently influenced me. So lets set the scene, a few weeks ago I had nothing to watch and was browsing on Netflix and came across on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I had heard of the show before and I heard it was supposed to be good, within 10 minutes I was literally like where has this show been all my life! Singing ✔ comedy ✔ mental illness ✔ Even my partner was like how have you not watched this before it is so you, all I could do was nod as I was just sucked in. Now fast forward a few weeks later and I have watched all three season and listened to the soundtrack repeatedly. I have to bow down to the co-writer and star of the show Rachel Bloom I have laughed and cried through the seasons and I have never ever related to a show so much in my life.
So this is for you Rachel Bloom, your pure honesty in what it is like to be a woman but a woman who deals with mental illness has inspired me greatly. Your battle with mental illness really shows shines through in your amazing writing and thank you for bringing light to subjects of body positivity, mental illness and life in general in such a clever way.

If you haven’t watched crazy ex-girlfriend, do it! Get on to Netflix and scroll down until you find it as you won’t regret it!

If you are still not convinced, have you ever:
• Obsessed with someone
• Dealt with mental illness
• Social media stalked someone
• Tried too hard to fit in
• Made some unhealthy bad life choices

Even if you have only answered yes to one of these you will still love this show!

Take care,

Vixxy rose

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