what I have learned in 29 years…



Hey everyone

It’s here my birthday, I don’t know how I got to this point, twenty fucking nine, wow! I would have thought by now I would have thought by now I would feel slightly more grown up. I am still scared of the dark and watch cartoons on a Sunday morning in my pajamas. They say don’t grow up it is a trap, well I won’t need to worry about that as I don’t’ see it happening anytime soon.

I was originally going to write a list of the 29 things I have learned so far in life but come on that post would have gone on forever and I don’t even know if I have learned that many things. Instead here are the 3 things I have learned in the last 29 years:

1. Blood is not thicker than water.
The whole family is everything is bullshit to me; you don’t have to be related to someone just to have a close bond. People who are related to you by blood are more than capable of hurting you as much as someone who isn’t. So break the rules family is not blood, a family are people who care and love each other and are there for each other through good times and bad times, they don’t have to be blood.
2. Loving yourself is not easy but possible.
We are surrounded by a lot of things today that are trying to convince us that we are not good enough, fit enough, rich enough and so on and so on. The negativity in the world mixed with our sensitive minds can cause a serious mental issue. Loving yourself for you is not easy and takes time and care in oneself to achieve that. So remember if you lost those 10 pounds are you truly going to be happy, if you buy that item of clothing that you don’t like but its fashionable are you truly going to be happy.
3. Forgive
Forgiveness is a hard thing it doesn’t come easy, I am guilty of holding onto grudges and gripes not only with people but also with myself. Well, you know what let’s take a leaf out of frozen and let it go! If we don’t learn to forgive then we are forever going to plague ourselves with that pain over and over again.


Take care,

Vixxy rose

16 thoughts on “what I have learned in 29 years…

  1. Ah! I’m late, but I still want to wish you happy birthday! I hope you spent it just the way you wanted to and that it was fun! You’re already so aware, and I want to wish you that you’d never stop learning and understanding. This way you’ll grow as a person even more. And while you do that you teach and encourage other people by being yourself. Once again happy birthday!! ❤️

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