A page full of dreams and fears

My tiny victories list for this weekend

Hey everyone

Oh, Sunday evening how you mock me I am not ready for it to be Monday morning tomorrow, I really do think we need to find a way of adding an extra day to the weekend. I know I can’t escape reality forever but I like my little pj bubble at home as it is so safe and so warm. I know I can’t stay in this bubble forever it is not healthy to, but come on we all need a break from the world every now and then.
The good news is I am only working 3 days next week as I have booked 2 days off so it is another glass half empty and half full situation.

Sunday evenings are hard for a lot of people and there is one thing I do on a Sunday evening just to kick-start my motivation and that is a tiny victories list for the weekend.So as I prepare to peel myself out my PJs tomorrow morning and put on my uniform I have a little something to look at that, that will help put a bit of pep in my step as I get on that early train.

A tiny tip of the day – write it down!

My bag can look like a mini stationery shop as it is full of pens and notebooks. I can on average take at least 2 notebooks with me everywhere and a bunch of multicoloured pens. I have also lost count of how many times people have asked me why? Why not! is always my answer, is there a rule on how many pens and notebooks a person is allowed on them, I think not!
To me, it is so important to write things down as I find it easier to process things when they are written. So whether it is something good or bad that I am feeling if it is something that I am struggling with to understand or something I am proud of. When I am seeing it in front of me it is a small step in owning my feelings.
It could be a small smiley face in the corner of a page or a simple sentence of “I feel sad”. To an outsider it may something like nothing a doodle but to me, it is a page for of dreams and fears learning to live as one, it is my mind.

I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that it is ok not to be ok.

Take care,

Vixxy rose

9 thoughts on “A page full of dreams and fears

  1. Even as a writer I forget how therapeutic and cathartic writing is. It really does help putting the positive things on paper because it makes them feel more real.

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  2. I love to write things down as well. I have a lot of notebooks, each for a different purpose. They help me process stuff, yes, but they also serve as diaries. Even this little blog of mine. It helps a lot. So that’s a great advice 😊 I hope more people can discover writing things down, and that they would find it helpful as well

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  3. I take my coloring books on work trips sometimes, or if I don’t I have an app on my phone. I’m getting to where I bring my locked journal to write blog posts. Since it’s locked, I don’t have to worry someone will read it if I ever leave it. (Not that I would, given how hyper private I am IRL. I doubt I could leave it even with ADHD.)

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