that crazy little thing called love.


Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that is ok not to be ok. So the sun is shining but I can still see the clouds in the distance and there is a slight wind of anxiety in the air. Not quite fully recovered but moving in the right direction and I am so glad that I can feel my mind able to focus on different things again, being able to feel joy and excitement creep back in can bring a tear to my eye.
The more I go through these cycles the more grateful I feel for the small things we can take advantage of and the more I feel less torrent to bullshit. Being able to have a better understanding of emotion the more I can sense when something is damaging to me emotionally. I do feel that having bipolar and anxiety has given me a barrier against people, yes that can mean I can push the people I live away and find it hard to connect to people because of that fear of being hurt. It also has protected me against people who did have good intentions towards me, it gives me a chance to read people at a save distance to decide whether that person could get closer to me. I know this all sounds like I am pushing the world away but for me, it is just me adapting to the world around me and not making the same mistake over and over again and trusting so easily.

So to move on to my tip of the day – that crazy little thing called love.

Love is a wonderful thing and is an important thing for a person to grow and learn. Love can bring positive and negative into our lives but we have to be able to take the god with the bad or we don’t feel what love can do for us. I have felt unloved and loved in my life so far and both parts have taught me something about myself and also how I treat others. Love is crazy and shouldn’t really have a definition, as no love is the same, as the way I love my boyfriend is different to the way I love reading.
Love is crazy and unexplainable so why try to label it because it can fit into many boxes.

Take care,

Vixxy rose

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