Unplug from the matrix


Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that is ok not to be ok. I have spent the last few days away from my social media and focusing on myself. I needed some extra time and care just to work my way through the fog in my mind and it has helped. I think taking away the distraction of social media forced me to deal with myself and not with the people around me. I really think the people I have connected with on social are great people but I really needed some me time and not scrolling time. I have learned by doing this is how I easily will distract myself instead of facing things head on, it is so easily done though. Now that I am facing things a bit more head on and I continue to switch off from social media once in a while I think my smile will be back.

Obviously, I think my tip of the day should be – unplug from the matrix

Social media is a great tool and one I will say is in my mental health toolbox, I have connected with a lot of people who I wouldn’t have without social media. I also believe I have had so much support and help from the people I have connected with too. The problem is with modern society today mix that with anxiety it is so easy to get a bit caught up and lost in the scrolling. I know I have at points questioned my recovery and even my life by comparing them to other people’s on here.
So I seriously recommend at least once a month unplug from the matrix a for a couple of days and spend time with you instead of worrying about uploading schedules. As we can easily hide from ourselves when we are plugged in but not so easy when we are not.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

6 thoughts on “Unplug from the matrix

  1. Glad you found unplugging helpful. I read an article earlier about how we are all addicted to our phones and social media, it’s very true. I probably could do with taking a break myself! Thanks for the reminder xx

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  2. The post was nice to read. keep you the spirit Vicky. I was a bit stuck and haven’t fully understand today’s post. Would you be kind to elaborate for me so that at least I can understand the topic well.

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  3. Another great post! I ended up shutting off notifications from all social media and moving them into different folders so I don’t open them as a habit! I will definitely pick a couple of days every month to recharge and spend some time with myself. Great idea and thanks for sharing! ❤ (:

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    1. At least I have gotten understanding from you Christina. I was stuck. It’s good to at least relax and give myself a break from the social media so that I can also attend to myself. I find myself almost at times not doing chores to myself but this lesson will help my mental health.

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