Scars run deep but so does strength.


Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that is ok not to be ok.
Well another working week is nearly over and we survived, this week has been honestly awful! There have been some things that have opened a can of worms with me and also the people around me and it has been so difficult to handle. There is a good thing part in this though, I have now got into a great habit of whenever something like this happens to pick up on the silver lining, this time it is the realization the bond I have built with certain people is incredible. I feel more and more comfortable to let my guide down and open up about things I was too scared to talk about or too traumatized.

This leads me to a tip of the day – Scars run deep but so does strength

We focus on how deep the pain and the hurt and the fucked things that have happened to us because it screams the loudest in our mind. Mental illness is not rooted in rainbows and butterflies it can be some really dark shit. So when the good things pop into our mind it is so easy to ignore them because they are just a whisper at times. If you look at the bigger picture though, the strength it takes to deal with that is unbelievable even on the days you are at your lowest the strength is ticking on by in the background keeping you here.
You may not think it at times but the good is there like strength it can just be buried under a mountain of darkness. If you have got up in the morning and showered and got dressed when you wanted to hide from the world, that takes strength. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it is not there, we accept that quote with things like oxygen and gravity so why not strength?
So when the days come along, because they will, when you feel the strength running through you wear that strength with pride hold your head up high.

Take care all

Vixxy rose

14 thoughts on “Scars run deep but so does strength.

  1. I actually showered today, I don’t do that often. I just don’t see the point. Maybe that’s disgusting. Idk. So thank you for pointing it takes strength. Cause it really does. And we need to realize this. I hope you’re having a great day ❤️

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  2. The post has really touched many people and it’s a wonderful post especially about scars which we get in our hearts and how deep they become and also the strength we have also deepens when we overcome the scar we got .


  3. Love this article. I identify with it so much. I’m starting to open up to more people with how I feel. It’s still scary to do that, but it’s great because nothing bad happens from it, and instead you get the support you need! 🙂 Thank you for sharing x

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  4. “If you have got up in the morning and showered and got dressed when you wanted to hide from the world, that takes strength.” Thank you for this. ❤

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