That tricky thing called guilt


Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not remember that it is ok not to be ok. We are only 3 days into 2018 and I am already exhausted, I think I am ready for a holiday, hmmm where to go?? I have been writing in a journal and I am looking forward to sharing with you all very soon my journey with my bullet journal, I am just getting my head around it and trying different things until I find something that suits me.
I made the decision to bullet journal to help me keep more on track with my daily mood on whole and see if there are more signs and symptoms I am missing to show me a mood change is happening. Also, I am not the most organized person in the world and I think the structure will hopefully have a knock-on effect on other aspects of my life. Well, I won’t hold my breath but my fingers are crossed, as I need a bit more organization in the world of chaos I can love in.

Let’s move on to what today’s post is about. I want to talk about that emotion inciting word… guilt!
Guilt plays a massive role with people’s mental illness, we can feel guilty for having a mental illness, and we can feel guilty about how it affects the people around us and also how the mental illness controls our life. Guilt just can slip into any nook and cranny and can feed off our insecurities like a massive leech.
Unfortunately, the guilt leech is not so easy to shake off, as humans, we feel remorse and we have a conscience but mix that with the fear of people walking away from you it can turn into a recipe for disaster at times.
The plus side of guilt also helps us recognize our behavior and see when we are wrong and help us take ownership for our behavior, a big pet hate of mine is people blaming their arsehole behavior on their mental illness. Come on not every time you are being an arsehole is down to a mental illness as we all have our moment’s mental illness or not.
So try to tread carefully with guilt, as there are positives and negatives to it, so break down that guilty thought and think does it actually have any fact to it?

Take care all

Vixxy rose

4 thoughts on “That tricky thing called guilt

  1. Vicky am glad you’re talking more about guilt because it’s a serious issue that affects everyone in various situations in life and events and without it being solved it can cause mental problems, wrong decisions with devastating consequences and health problems like blood pressure, ulcers due to stress and social problems like isolation and many other negatives situations. My donation and support in this topic will be there where I can because I’ve also felt guilty in life because am human just like others .The important thing and most thing one can do is to accept what he or she did wrong and forgive himself or herself and not to dig in regretting why the situation had to happen. Also to find a trustworthy friend who loves you and understands you to hung out to refresh your mind and move on with life as if nothing happened.

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      1. no worry at all because at least you’ve a ideas and many of them and we’re going to go through it deeply as you direct us Vicky. 😊😜😊


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