Blogmas Day 21 – I Am Breaking My Christmas Wreath



Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. Just one more day left at work then I break up for Christmas! Oh, I am looking forward to pajama days and Christmas movies with my DIY family. I am going to drink eat and be merry! Well hopefully, that’s if I am still not in the middle of the storm. The more we edge closer to Christmas the more I worry that I am going to ruin it for myself and others around me if I am still in the blasted funk! Well even though I am getting sick of my moaning so you poor things must be rolling you eyes now so I would just get on with the show!

Blogmas day 21 without my usual longwinded introduction, you lucky lot!

Blogmas Day 21 – I Am Breaking My Christmas Wreath

I hate this vicious cycle of feeling shit then feeling guilty for feeling shit and THEN feeling weak for not being able to do something about it around and around I go. Someone get me off this ride, please…
So I am going to pull out the big guns and sprinkle some glitter on it. I need to get this circle well and truly broken! As the battle isn’t over and it is time to get my mental health toolbox on the go and break my wreath of negativity to pieces.
The thing is that is can always feel too late to turn things around, that’s the negative holly speaking, use your tools this Christmas destroy those feelings. Don’t push them aside to come back bigger and worse as no one needs that.
I am going to add a few festive tools to my toolbox:
• The joy of being around people whom I want to spend time with not just because I have too.
• Christmas cry, what I spoke about yesterday is a big tool I will use to help me process my feelings.
• Fun! I am going to make sure I do one thing for myself at least over the Christmas period.

So anything can be a tool for your toolbox, as it is what helps you so maybe think about added a couple of extra things to get you through the holiday!

Until tomorrow people!
Take care all

Vixxy rose

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