Blogmas day 18 – Were The Three Wise Men Really So Wise?



Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. I think I am in the eye of the storm, I am not completely feeling myself but not feeling as bad as I did, also know it is not over just quite yet. But the hope is starting to chase the dark depression cloud away and the bitch of anxiety seems to be taking a nap right now. But this time of year there are a lot of you out there struggling, as Christmas is not so easy to deal with a mental illness. So keep moving forward guys and keep focused on your self care, as you are not alone we are all here fighting alongside you.

Blogmas day 18 is here! One week today until Christmas day, what the actual fuck how is it only round the corner. I am not prepared what so ever, I still got lots to do, trying not to panic! So who is ready for today’s posts, well here we go…

Blogmas day 18 – Were The Three Wise Men Really So Wise?

We all know the story of the nativity so I won’t write it all, but the part of the three wise men following the star is a bit that really sticks with me. I am not religious at all, but I love the part of the three wise men just following hope and faith that the journey will end in something good.
So yes I think the wise men weren’t wise, but I think their blind faith is something we can take on board. If only it was so simple with times like this when I am feeling a loss, to be able to look up to the sky and follow a star to where I need to be, not so easy. We can put that faith in our recovery though, I know sometimes the things we do feels like we are clutching at straws and that negativity in itself can hinder the recovery. Following the star can be just believing in yourself or just believing that the therapy that you may have will help. We lack faith and hope with mental health and maybe a little of Christmas spirit can sprinkle it in our life’s a little.

Until tomorrow people!

Take care all

Vixxy rose


One thought on “Blogmas day 18 – Were The Three Wise Men Really So Wise?

  1. It is an interesting thought. Especially since these wise men thought it was a smart idea to ask the current king where the new king was (the new king who would dethrone the old one). Every time I think about that story, I have to wonder how they thought that was a smart idea


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