Blogmas Day 16 – I Hate Sprouts Anyway!


Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. I am still riding the storm but the sun shines through the clouds every now and then, so hope is on the horizon. I have truly lost this battle and that is ok because I have won many battles already, I know one day I will win the war. One of the most frustrating parts is knowing this won’t last but not knowing when it will end. The uncertainty drives me crazy and it just highlights the fact I have no control over my mind at times, which is so fucking unfair it’s my mind I own it so why don’t I have control over it?


Blogmas Day 16 and I want to take this time to thank everyone again for your support. My blogmas posts are not the usual blogmas posts and reading the lovely messages off people, has at times nearly brought me to tears. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you guys so thank you for enjoying my crazy little Christmas things. On that note here comes the cheesy intro, ladies and gentleman take your sits the show is about to begin…

Blogmas Day 16 – I hate sprouts anyway!

My Christmas this year won’t be your typical Christmas and it has taken me awhile to accept that fact and to be ok with it. I have thrown my dummy out the pram and now I am like fuck it who wants a traditional Christmas anyway, I am more than happy with my DIY one.
It comes down to control and I know with my experience with Mental illness because there are so many things I feel is out of my control when the things in my life I can control are uncontrollable it devastates me.
We strive for perfection over the Christmas period, the perfect gifts for people, the perfect decorations, and the perfectly cooked dinner and for what? Its funny really 90% of the people I know hate Brussel sprouts but still make them for Christmas dinner! My Christmas is going to spend with my DIY family in my DIY home nowhere I would rather be too honest, with no sprouts.
So end the stigma on Christmas don’t something you don’t like just because it is Christmas because it will more than likely have a negative reaction to your mental health after. Christmas is about others they say? Well yeah don’t be a twat to people but Christmas is about you too. So this Christmas do something for you make yourself a priority, even if it is small like boycotting sprouts!

Until tomorrow people!
Take care all

Vixxy rose

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