Blogmas Post 7 – Dear Santa…


Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. You can’t beat days off can you, I am not doing what I originally planned to do but it has been a great time focusing on some well-needed self care. Isn’t it crazy when we take a step back and focus and ourselves how much we spend a lot of our time and energy on other people? When the bitch of anxiety pops her head in we are so consumed of what other people are thinking and feeling. When the dark cloud of depression interferes we are so focused on making sure other people can’t see it and aren’t getting rained on by the cloud.


Blogmas day 7!!! A week down of daily posts and you lovely lot are still around I am sooooooo pleased that you are all enjoying my ramblings about my crazy little things. So without further a due ladies and gentleman, it is time for the main effort of the evening (honestly I make myself cringe with this introductions but can’t help myself!).

Dear Santa…

I think the title explains itself really; today’s post is me writing a letter to Santa asking what I want for Christmas, but of course with a twist!

Dear Santa,

It’s been a long time, probably about 20 years! I know it is up to you to decide whether I have been naughty or nice but come on no one is nice all the time give us a break. I know for a fact there have been moments where I have said to myself “what a dickhead” for being not so nice. Remember Santa things are not black and white. So can we have a new list please, only human or shit happens list? Think about it. Obviously, there are things I would like especially since I have bought a new house. It is lovely to open presents on Christmas morning but would I give it up for a bit more stability with my mental health, hell to the yes. I could ask for the typical selfless things like peace on earth and solve world hunger, I know your magical but not that magical.
So how about what I talked about in previous posts instead of life giving me lemons to turn into lemonade how about some cake instead please or life stop fucking throwing things at me, a year off would be even better. Some of the sanity I have lost over the years would also be appreciated, I would like more moments of happy Vicky, please. Lastly courage, I am seriously lacking in this and I know it is something I need to build on myself but a helping hand would be great.

Short but sweet Santa!


Vixxy Rose

If you can fit in a year sully of tea that would be amazing!!!

Until tomorrow people!
Take care all

Vixxy rose

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