BLOGMAS DAY 6 – Do You Want to Build A Snowman?



Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. Today I faced the bitch of anxiety and basically told her “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!” I have taken time away from the world of distractions and focuse on myself. I feel better for it, not 100% but better, which is a step in the right direction. It is so easy to get caught up in the world around you, social media, the Christmas build up and other people’s problems we just keep pushing our needs at the back of the queue.


Here we are blogmas day 6! I am so happy people are enjoying my posts and I am really enjoying reading everyone else’s, I am getting some really great Christmas ideas! This is really helping me become a much better all rounded blogger.

So let’s get the show on the road…

Do you want to build a snowman?

This may sound a little weird but some people are not sure what self care is best for them. For me there are lots of ways we can do self care, it is what is best for that person, what may work for you may not work for some else. So lets build a self care snowman.



  • Facing the problem, avoiding it won’t make it go away. For me it is writing it down what I am feeling, having a vent
  • Your foundation is important. For me it is relaxation. Whether is having a bath or lighting some candles and sitting down for a cuppa and putting your phone down for an hour.
  • Tiny victories, my mind may be telling me things are going wrong, but when I write down my tiny victories it really helps me see things are not all doom and gloom.

Obviously with a snowman it can come with many accessories; the hat of honesty, not hiding behind a smile, the broom of trust, expressing to people who are close to is what is going on. I could go on but it is your snowman of self care it is what is best for you.


Until tomorrow people!

Take care all

Vixxy rose


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