Blogmas 5_ Little Donkey’s Ass



Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. I don’t know what is going on with me these last few days but really been battling with the bitch of anxiety who came out from under her rock for no reason! I just think it is quite lucky that I have 3 days off now from work so I can really focus on my self care and hopefully this anxiety won’t trigger a mood cycle.

So blogmas post number 5 I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as I am enjoying writing them. I won’t do any silly introductions this time I think I have to get it out my system (for now).

Blogmas day 5 – Not So Little Donkey’s Ass

So this Christmas I would like to give all those people who are ignorant when it comes to mental health, a lump of coal. So many people think it is acceptable to say to me when I talk to them about my mental health issues is “isn’t that funny you don’t look like you are mentally ill” I know it is kind of meant of a compliment but what the flying fuck makes people think that is an ok thing to say. You wouldn’t go up to someone who is left-handed “ I wouldn’t have thought you were a lefty by looking at you”. Let’s face it when you assume you make a donkey’s ass out of yourself.
I don’t want to hear I don’t look mentally ill, as my mental illness doesn’t define who I am. So if people could get me one thing for Christmas I don’t need presents I just want to be treated like me. Most people with mental illnesses are fighting so hard to stamp out the stigma attached to it and rather not been defined by their illness. So before you make a donkey’s ass think before you assume.

Like I said I know 9 times out of 10 is probably meant as a compliment and people mean well by it, but please avoid saying these donkey ass things with people with mental illness:
• So do you hear voices then
• Have you always known you were abnormal
• Why can’t you just learn to let things go
• Its all in your head

Until tomorrow people!

Take care all

Vixxy rose

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