Follow The Yellow Brick Road


Hey everyone

How is everyone doing? I hope you all are feeling ok and if you are not remember it is ok not to be ok. We made it to Sunday, self high five! Overall it has been a good week a few ups and downs but nothing that I can’t handle. Yes, this is what self growth looks like; I think another self five is needed! I have wasted so much time and energy with making mountains out of molehills. I am not referencing to my issues or my mental health, I mean with my lack of patients for my recovery. Now that I am able to allow myself to see the bigger picture even through the negativity fog that can cloud my mind, I still know my direction is forward.

This brings me on to my tip of the day… two steps forward one step back!

Nothing in life is perfect and we all make fuck ups and it is so easy to obsess over those fuck ups, anxiety and depression feed on those fuck ups. I feel like sometimes there is a sign on my head saying “all you can eat buffet!” Well, the closed sign is down for now. Learning to move past my fuck ups and realizing that moving forward in life also means moving backward from time to time.
Just think of the Wizard Of Oz, Dorothy’s journey down the yellow brick road wasn’t a smooth one. There were bumps along the way but with those bumps also came a lot of learning and self-growth and she persevered no matter what was thrown at her path. We can’t just click our heals together and be where we want to be straight away, we have to follow the yellow brick road to get there. If we were able to take a shortcut, what would we learn from that? We would probably end up back at the beginning again. I know it is not an easy path but taking two steps forward and one step back isn’t always a bad thing, as quicker isn’t always better.


Well, we are edging closer and closer to Christmas! Today I have decided to do blogmas this year, as Christmas can be hard for people with mental health issues due to a lot of triggers Christmas can cause. More on that subject to come soon…

Take care all,

Vixxy Rose

7 thoughts on “Follow The Yellow Brick Road

  1. I must admit I never look forward to Xmas. So much s**t has happened to me at this time of year in the past, but I always get through it. That’s my aim every year, to survive it and then not long after it’s a new year and the chance to write a new chapter and forget about the year that’s passed.


  2. Great post as always ^^
    We can make it. Christmas can be hard, but you can do it. 🍀
    For me fortunately I won’t have to meet with my family for that day, cause I’ll be in a different country. But I know how hard can it be. Good luck 🍀 there’s still time or prepare, so make the most of it ^^

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    1. Thank you so much for your support really helps knowing people can relate to the things I go through. I find your blog so inspiring and so interesting so thank you to you for sharing with the world too. I feel the same, this year started not so good but I things have got better 😊

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