I Do Not Have Cooties


Hey everyone

We made it everyone, we made it through another working week and we have got to the weekend. So I hope you all feeling good and if you’re not feeling ok remember that is ok too. My week started not so good with a stressful situation that brought on high anxiety, but I have learned from this and I took a self-care day from work. Some people asked me how did I get permission to do this, well I just explained to work if I didn’t take the day then it is highly likely things would snowball and I would end up taking more days off as sick. Fortunately, they listened and understood I wasn’t just trying to get out of work, I love my job and I knew that I wasn’t able to do my job the way I was feeling. I feel so lucky to have a job where they understand this because many people out there don’t have this. It is so easy to get a day off for some physical like a stomach bug or a cold, but to try and get a day off for something mental is incredibly difficult. Why is that?

I wasn’t going to but fuck it RANT WARNING EVERYONE!

So here I am listening to a bit of rock classics a bit of Stevie Nicks to get me through the day, drinking my cup of tea (because that is what English people do). I am having a read through twitter and I do not like what I am reading and it is getting that fire lit in my belly, so many of you out there feeling like you are getting overlooked, treated badly or made fun of because of 2 fucking words mental illness.
It is not like those two words are contagious; you do not need a cooties shot if you come near me. I am not going to start foaming at the mouth within 2 minutes of a conversation. We are just asking to be treated with dignity and humanity, is that so hard? Think about it, if you are unfair or just mean to someone with a mental illness you are not making his or her invisible illness better you are just adding to it, it is that simple.

I don’t need to hear, well we didn’t have it in my day, you are such a drama queen and you obviously don’t care of yourself. Oh ok is that all I need to do then, bloody hell if I knew it was that simple I wouldn’t have wasted time with therapists and different medications, clearly my bad. I feel like it is more acceptable to be an asshole than someone with a mental illness.

It is things like this that add to the list a person have with mental illness that they don’t matter. Things need to change desperately, I am here I have a mental illness I matter, get over it! Wave that flag loud and proud people lets not make the same mistake we have made time and time again, of treating someone who is not in that stupid fucking box “normal” as someone who should be treated as a lesser human being.



Take care all,

Vixxy Rose

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