Am I good?


Hey everyone

I hope everyone is doing good and if you not ok remember that is ok too. So stated on Twitter recently that I have the urge to write more and more, so i have started writing short stories and poetry again. Well actually just writing what pops into my head and redesigning it, i guess into something beautiful.

So here is something I have written recently, its only short and I hope you enjoy it, and if you want me to post more let me know πŸ™‚

Am I a good?

I smile I laugh I breathe 

I count the seconds the minutes the hours

I pause I stop I break


I am girl who everyone wants to be around

The same girl people can avoid

I am the girl who needs validation

The same girl who tells the world to go fuck itself


Pain never feels the same

I eat I cry I scream

I just want to restart my brain

I run I push I fall


I am the girl left broken into pieces

Not sure what piece goes where

I am the girl with a battle going on inside

The same girl who will say I am ok


I cut I bleed I drink

I need to find that strength within

I fight I battle I will win


Take care,


Vixxy Rose


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