Taste The Rainbow


Hey everyone

Hope everyone is doing well, and if not remember that is ok too. The last few days apart from a few moments of anxiety I am feeling my normal annoying self. I have my spark back a little, I know it is a fine line between feeling good and warning signs of a high cycle but touch wood it’s just me feeling ok. Isn’t funny that people with mental illness always question their mind, that we always either think the worse or over think something in what we are feeling to the point it starts to feel too good to be true.
So instead of most minds where thinking can be black and white and maybe some grey, I feel people with mental health have a mind like a rainbow. Instead of the pretty rainbow in the sky that we see now when you try to fit that in someone’s head, its fucking chaos.

This brings me on to a tip of the day – every rainbow has a pot of gold

Yes, it is irritating as hell to have a mind that can think a million things at once and most the time the thoughts can be against you. They are the jealous green thoughts, which think you are not good enough, other people are better, then you. Green usually teams up with blue thoughts, which are the ones that make you feel empty and broken. Of course, there are red thoughts, which are the ones that make you angry with yourself for being different and the world for not excepting it. I could go on and on but don’t want to bore you, as you get the gist, chaos!

I think it is important though to remember that a rainbow mind comes with a pot of gold, we have chaos but we also have a lot of love and care in us. We can over think a situation but we can also put ourselves in another person’s shoes and think how something can affect them. Not many people do that these days, people seem to judge others so quickly if they don’t do things that are classed as “normal”.

So embrace the rainbow and remember there is a pot of gold at the end of it, everything will be ok in the end and if is not ok remember it is not the end.

Let your rainbow sparkle people!

Take care,

Vixxy Rose


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