The Little Things


1191df5aab6ef4966cbf50478d6a34eb--happy-things-things-i-love.jpgHey everyone

Hope everyone is doing ok and if you not, remember that is ok too. Well here we are another Monday nearly done with, and you know what it did not make me want to pull my teeth out and cry into my tea, now that is a win. I am feeling myself a lot more today, I feel like I can breathe and the world isn’t dowsed in black and grey. I love that feeling of getting my mind back, no more dark cloud of depression making me feel empty and alone, no more bitch of anxiety making me feel paranoid and worthless. Will it last long? I don’t know, I just know that I will embrace it and try not to worry when the dark cloud and the bitch get past the bouncer in my mind.

So a new week, new challenges, new goals and a new tip of the day- wake up and smell the flowers!

I think that is so easy to get lost in the tangled web of our minds, that when we get free we worry about getting tangled we forget about enjoying the view from the web.
We need to relax, yes it is easier said than done, but it can be as easy as enjoying the small things in life. The moments we forget to take a step back and just stop and enjoy. Whether it is the first cup of tea or coffee in the morning or the 10 minutes of quiet in the shower, embrace the good time’s people.

If you feel like there isn’t any though, no matter how hard you look then make them, make some time for yourself doing things that you enjoy, like watch an old movie you love, put your feet up when you come home for 15 minutes and enjoy some you time, as you deserve it.

I am going to set myself a goal this week of creating my own joyful small moment each day, as life is stressful enough and why not make it a little stressful with joyful moments. I am going to be my own hero as the only person that can save me is me.

Sorry for a short post I am going to be posting a lot more this week and I have some great posts planned.

Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


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