Keep That Nose Out


Hey everyone

Hope everyone is doing ok and if you are not ok, well that is ok too. Well, I am tired and hungry so I guess that means I am HANGRY! I do have a big appetite at the moment due to a lot of comfort eating at the moment so I am trying to reign myself back in, which is so hard. I am at that point where everything looks like food, you know like in the movies and TV shows where you’re talking to someone and they turn into a hotdog. But I will get there, food is a crutch that I am trying to kick away, easier said than done.

So I am still going through some ups and downs, but slowly getting back up that hill. Right now I know my problem is I am not focused on myself, I need to start being a little selfish and put my self-care first once in a while. Anyone with mental health illness especially bipolar, you kind of have a fear of people walking away from you built into your illness. Hence why I always want to make sure the people around me are ok even if it means I am not.

So this leads me to a tip of the dayKeep that nose where it is!

I am so guilty of putting my big nose into other people’s business so many times, and it has 75% of the time it has just put me in the firing line. I can say hand on heart when I have done this it has always been with good intentions, but when you are caught up in a situation those good intentions are just none existent.
Let’s look at it, when you put yourself in a situation that has nothing to do with you, you end up causing yourself unnecessary stress and anxiety. Which then snowballs into low moods and paranoia and then around you go in a vicious cycle.

I can’t stress this enough, why add more to the weight you carry on your shoulders? I am going to take my own advice because I am sick and tired of being put in the middle of situations that have nothing to do with me. Be a friendly ear for people and give advise but that is where the line is drawn. My mental health is so precious to me and I will no longer put that at risk anymore. We have our own battles to face why fight other people’s, because really would they fight yours??

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

4 thoughts on “Keep That Nose Out

  1. That’s true. Helping people is important. But that’s where you draw the line. For me trying to put my nose where it didn’t belong only caused me a ton of stress. All those people who expected too much from me caused me to hurt myself. People’s feelings are important, but you cannot forget about you mental health as well.

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