The Comfort Blanket Can Also Strangle


Hey everyone,

I hope you all are doing ok and if you are not ok well remember that’s ok too. Well, I think my mood has now really turned a good corner, sometimes though when it does that I worry that I am going into a manic cycle. So I am trying my best to keep my feet firmly on the ground.

I thought today I would talk about “crutches”. What I mean by this if you don’t know, many people including myself have crutches that they use when they are trying to get better or to lean on while they are dealing with a difficult time. I didn’t realize my crutches were my crutches until my first therapist explained it to me a few years ago. I have positive crutches, which are my music, reading, my care box etc.
Crutches can be a marvelous thing and really help during a difficult time. But sometimes those crutches get used so much that they become a part of the problem. So something that can start as a positive can slowly become into a negative, I believe some of my crutches have turned from a positive to a negative.
I believe I have an addictive personality and I have used some straight out negative crutches in the past like self-harm, smoking, drinking and even sex. While those are obvious ones that are straight out bad to lean on, it’s the ones that start out good and turn bad are just as equally dangerous.
For example, for me my music is a massive crutch, I will use it when I am out and about and when I am feeling low. What started off as a distraction from my social anxiety and my feeling’s slowly turned into an addiction. There have been times I have realise I have forgot my headphones when I have started to head out somewhere. I have caused myself anxiety and panic to a point I have turned around and gone home to get them, even if it meant that I was late going somewhere.

This brings me onto a tip of a day really, which is “self-control”.

Yes a comfort blanket is great and nothing beats that’s feeling of escaping reality for a bit and forgetting what is going on around, but you can’t use that comfort blanket 24/7 as it will start getting stinky and need to go in the wash. Then as soon as it is gone then it is a hard fall back to reality, and then you are back at square one and need that comfort again. So self-control is needed as we can be so wrapped up in the blanket and we end up being strangled by it. Learn to use positive crutches when we need them, because why add to your list of problems to overcome. Keep the positives positive and negatives far away from you as possible.

Take care,

Vixxy Rose

7 thoughts on “The Comfort Blanket Can Also Strangle

  1. ” If I forgot my headphones while I have started to head out I have caused myself anxiety and panic to a point I have turned around and gone home to get them, even if it meant that I was late going somewhere.”

    OMG me too… sometimes music is the only thing I can use to bootstrap myself out of paralysis. But this too can become an insular comfort zone. Thanks for the reminder and motivation to keep growing!


  2. Great post again.

    Starting to realise I have a good few that are turning to negatives. My big one was my bag of medicine. Needed to have it by my side, constantly.

    Great awareness once again, well done ☺

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