My Mental Health Toolbox


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and if you are not remember that is ok too. So as you all know I have been in a really bad funk of a low cycle and it has really taken its toll on me. I am one of those people when I get mentally run down I can get physically run down and now due to a bad cold I have developed laryngitis, so sadly I have lost my voice :(. I may have physically lost my voice but I haven’t lost my voice on here, it was recently mental health awareness day and it was great to see the response and the support of people. But to me every day should be mental health awareness day, I will never stop trying to destroy the stigma to mental health and support not only myself but also others going through a mental illness.

So today I want to talk a little bit about medication, I have been asked a lot by people how do I cope not being on medication? Well, I have been on medication on and off for years and during the times I am not on medication prescribed to me I take a lot of herbal supplements. I have got to a point again where I know I will need to go medication again I have an appointment with my psychologist next week to determine what medication is going to be best.
Being on medication doesn’t make you weak and I know a lot of people feel like it is, but I know in myself I get to a point that I can’t keep fighting things on my own I need help. For instance if  you decide to do a boxing match you don’t just put on your boxing gloves and do it, you train to prepare your body for the task. It’s the same with mental illness you cant just wake up one day and be like ok I just beat it today, sadly not that simple you need the right tools to do so. But if people would like me to do a post on the natural supplements I take just drop me a message and a comment and I will do one :).

Tackling mental illness takes many different tools, try to picture a toolbox and think what would go in it.

This is mine:



I have talking, therapy, friends, medication, research, and hope! I know I will gain tools and lose tools over time, but what is in your toolbox?

Take care all,

Vixxy Rose



8 thoughts on “My Mental Health Toolbox

  1. I’d be very interested in hearing what supplements are you taking. If it’s ok to say so ^^
    What a coincidence tho! I didn’t completely lose my voice. But I am slowly losing losing it right now. I can’t really speak normally and it’s annoying. I might end up having to take antibiotics.
    I’ve been on different meds for 3 years now. And yeah. Nothing to be ashamed of. If it helps, why not take it? Safely of course. Talking to your doctor about the issue. On or off meds I hope you’re gonna be ok. Just do whatever helps you. Stay safe ❤️

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  2. I’m on Lamotrogine and Quetiapine. I rarely take the quetiapine as it knocks me out and makes me too sleepy. I’m on a low dose of it because the first time I did as my Dr told me to do and increase the dosage by 50mg each day until it got to 300mg I had a bad reaction. It was like my arms were being ripped out of my joints. I only take it now when I’m struggling to sleep and my anxiety is playing up. As for the Lamotrogine, it seems to have lost it’s effect. I’m on the highest dosage allowed and it’s making no difference. My CPN is looking at different medication for me now. I realise that I’m always going to be on medication for the rest of my life, but now, like you, I’m looking for alternatives.

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    1. It really does take a while to find the right dosage for oneself and the right medication but I hope you do find the right mixture. Nature alternatives have really helped me at times when normal medication hasn’t


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