Why I Had A Self Care Break



Hey everyone,

Hope everyone is ok and if you are not, remember that it is ok not to be ok :). I guess I have got some explaining to do, I kind of took a hiatus from my blog and my social media for a few days as I was in desperate need of self-care. I wouldn’t class it as a low cycle though, I really do think I understand my Cyclothymia a lot better to know this time it wasn’t the cause of this.

I am going to turn it into a tip of the day– Warning signs!

I would say for the last few weeks I have made some mistakes in either not recognizing my warning signs or ignoring them completely, which I know was fucking stupid of me. It was like I was sitting in a room and it started filling up with smoke and the fire alarm is ringing away and I am just sitting there reading a book going la la la it is not happening.
For the last few weeks, things have esculated with a family situation, at this moment I won’t discuss, and I was pushing my feelings away just so I can concentrate on others. Well that blew up in my face, last weekend I literally reached a breaking point and I was sobbing my heart out and overcome with such sadness I decided to blog about it. I finished the post and gave it to my partner to read, which I rarely do, and he was like “babe you can’t post this”. I took my laptop back off him and re-read what I wrote and what started as a letter to my family explaining how I felt, slowing turned into a suicide note. It was then I knew I had taken on too much on my shoulders and it had broken me and I needed to put the pieces of my mind back together.
After a few days of self-care and honestly some selfishness, I feel better. Yes, the situation is stilling going on but I know now I can’t deal with it the way I was. I need to remember my feelings matter as well as other people’s, I cannot fix everything and when the warning signs are going off don’t ignore them or I will get burnt again.

So my advice to myself and to others, if the warning signs are going off please don’t ignore them stop drop and roll into some self-care as it will save your life.


Take care all,

Vixxy Rose


15 thoughts on “Why I Had A Self Care Break

  1. As for the ‘Warning Signs’ it’s easy to miss them. We are in a different frame of mind at that time. It usually takes me a few day’s to realise I’m in the good or bad spells. It’s a simple case of surviving the bad spells and enjoying the good ones. Even though neither might not last long we musn’t let bad s**t caused by others get us down. We are stronger and better than that. Your posts are an inspiration and I’m glad I’ve connected with someone who has the same condition.

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  2. I’ve not visited my family for two months because of all the drama that they cause. I’ve got sick of the negativity and rarely respond to their texts now. As much as I love them, I have to put my own wellbeing first. I don’t care if they don’t like that. You’re right. We do need to look out for ourselves and take a timeout. I’ve been the one that’s put out the fires in my family, and there’s been lots of those. Now it’s someone else’s turn. I admire your strength. You don’t have to explain yourself. We all need time away to help ourselves. Stay strong.

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