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Hey everyone,

So I got tagged in a great post a few days ago by the lovely Post IVF world . Please check out the post, it is fantastic and a great insight into someone who really is a real fertility warrior. So, on her blog she has posted someone questions for people to answer, which she has answered herself.

I wanted to dedicate a post to my answers to her questions, as I believe that it is important to keep spreading awareness for those struggling with fertility issues.

So here it goes…

Are you male or female?
Where are you in your infertility journey?
I am currently doing more and more research into my condition, and I due to a miscarriage last year I have now started my journey with doctors in investigating my chances of conceiving naturally and how to improve my chances.
What is your infertility diagnosis if you have one?
I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome suffered a burst ectopic pregnancy which meant I had a to have a fallopian tube removed.
How old were you when you got your diagnosis and how old are you now?
I was 17 when I finally got my diagnosis, after many years of begging the doctors for help.
What do you do to keep your spirit’s up on the tough days?
I have to say my blog has been a massive help recently in keeping up my spirits lately. Also going to sound stupid but I have had a reading with a psychic which really helped me, I don’t care if people think that stuff is a load of rubbish what was said to me was 37ce6ebc806a17d92e4db0b3665a2229--infertility-quotes-pcos-infertility.jpgnot. I also have 3 beautiful nephews and friends with children who I consider my nieces and nephew.
How do you feel you have been treated by medical professionals?
Awfully I haven’t had any help really until recently when I asked for help with checking my chances in conceiving, that’s only one symptom of many I have. I have been told I am fat and looked down by doctors most of the information I now know about PCOS I have learned from my own research.
Have you been offered support of any kind?
None what so ever, and as a confused 17 years old that has had some damaging effects.
If so have you had any?
I have had therapy where I have talked about my fertility problems as well as my mental health.
How do your issues affect you on a day to day basis?
There are many symptoms of PCOS, weight gain, mental health, pain, tiredness, hair loss are the main ones. I deal with every single one of these on a daily basis.
If you could tell yourself something back when you were first diagnosed what would it be?
Don’t take no for an answer, make them help you understand your condition.

Where those were my answers, to those fertility warriors out there, have a go at these questions and see if it will help you understand where you are now with your fertility and where you want to be.

Take care

Vixxy Rose


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