Versatile Blogger Award


Hey, everyone 🙂

So I have been nominated by the lovely Nia and Colin for the versatile blogger award. It is so important bloggers support one another, we may blog about the same things or different, but I love the diversity of the blogger community.

So let’s go straight to it, 7 interesting facts about me:

1. I love! love! LOVE the 80’s, from 80’s music, 80’s films to the fashion. If a time machine were ever built that’s the first place I would go, so I could enjoy the things I love. Like going to see the breakfast club or Ghostbusters at the cinema. I would love if my life were like an 80’s rom-com.
2. I can sing, feels weird saying this it is like I am bragging. I have done multiple musicals and would love to get back into amateur theatre again. Funny story, when I met my boyfriend’s friends I was very quiet and barely spoke to them for a couple of years (thank you social anxiety). We were at a wedding one-day with them all and my boyfriend decided it is time for me to come out my shell. So after many shots of tequila I opened my mouth and sang and they were shocked and from that day on I now see them as my friends and got a cool nickname “The Voice “.
3. I hate baked beans, I think they are the food of the devil. There is not enough money in the world anyone could give me to eat one! I don’t even like them near me as even looking at them makes me feel ill.
4. I have loved doing jigsaws since I was a kid and was even in a jigsaw club. My coffee table has a glass top and I like to do cool jigsaws to put under there. So far I have had the marvel universe and Disney.
5. I am a believer, as in I believe in aliens and ghosts, I have never been abducted lol but I have had weird experiences with spirits. I get things moved a lot and switches being turned on and off and also felt someone’s presence.
6. If someone told me I had3 wishes one of them would be that Santa was real. It sounds crazy but I love the magical aspect if it and remember how happy it made me when I was child when I believed Santa. I think with the darkness in this world we all could do with some magic now and then.
7. The only bone I have ever broken is my big toe, I kicked a wall once bare footed, not on purpose, went to kick someone and they moved, I know it is my own fault.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my not so interesting facts about me! My nominations are:


Take care all

Vixxy Rose

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I believe too. I wanna believe. But I believe in all kinds of different things. Mirror people, aliens, ghosts, fairies, mermaids, Them. All kinds of things. There’s prolly more. But I’m very interested in hearing more about your experiences with ghosts! I feel someone’s presence almost all the time. But I don’t have experience with things moving on their own.
    Also thank you for tagging me ❤️ it means a lot ^^

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