Improving Is Loving


Hey, everyone 🙂

Hope everyone has had a good week and is looking forward to the weekend. In my last post, I spoke about focusing on the tiny victories we can have through the day and not realize it. So I have been writing down every day my tiny victories so when I am having a bad anxiety or feeling particular down, I have something to focus on. It really has helped 🙂
I have had a good run the last few weeks of just feeling myself more and more, a few dips here and there, I feel like the cloud of depression and the diva of anxiety just likes to pop in now and then to remind me they are still there.
Today though I felt that change already start happening as soon as I woke up, it had been a difficult sleep, I don’t know how well to explain it, I just can feel a mood change coming. Like an inch underneath the skin, you can’t scratch, a gut feeling something bad is going to happen, the hopefulness feeling I have had these last few weeks just trickling away. A low mood is about to stop at my station, which is funny considering I am always missing trains due to my lateness, why oh why can’t I miss this train.

So this leads me to my tip of the day…….. IMPROVE!!!

For years now I have tried to change who I am, what I look like, how I act, what I do, etc. (trust me I could go on). So instead of trying to change who I am, I need to learn to just improve who I am and forgive myself for the things I cannot control. I can’t control I have a mental illness, I can’t control I have PCOS and I can’t control how other people see me or treat me. So just my changing that word from change to improve, its turning a negative into a positive.
Things like:
• I am not going to see it as changing my weight I am going to improve my self-esteem and my body as a whole.
• Instead of trying to change my mental health and be in denial, I am going to improve my mental health and be better prepared for a mood changes.
• Instead of trying to change the world, I am going to try to improve it.

By changing that one word to improve, it’s lifting a weight off my shoulders as there is no fear of failing, improve is such a positive word and the smallest thing can count as an improvement.

• Taking care of your self better.
• Making time for your self.
• Doing something with friends.
• Reading more.

So if there are things you want to change, do you really need all that pressure that word entails? Improve your journey and lighten the load.

“We all carry our past. But it is a case of getting on with your life and improving it if you want to.” – Vinnie Jones

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading, take care all 🙂

Vixxy Rose


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