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Hey everyone!

This is not my originally planned blog I was working on, due to the sad news of Chester Bennington passing away from suicide; I am going to devote this blog to his memory.

Chester was the lead singer of Linkin Park, they created the way for nu-metal and even if you were not into that type of music I am more than positive you were a fan of one of their songs. He will be remembered by his beautiful but honest lyrics and his haunting vocals. He clearly met a lot of the people around him and his fans as the tributes pour in.

I remember when I started listening to them (borrowing my brothers CD’s) and I instantly was like I LOVE THIS BAND!! I was at the start of my emo phase in my life and probably the most difficult time. They have been slated time now and then because of their music changes but what the hell is wrong with that. But in 2007 my life and my mental health were on a downward spiral, and I saw no end to it. So it was one of the first times I considered ending my life. I remember one night I was sat in my room feeling very disconnected from the world. I was listening to a random play list drinking vodka with a bunch of painkillers next to me. As just as I had made the decision to write a note the song shadow of the day came on. I just stopped what I was doing and listened and I broke, I cried till there were no tears left. I felt like it was fate hearing those lyrics at that point and till this day I know that song saved me from taking my life.

From the people who I know who was a fan of him, there is something we have in common, and that Linkin Park’s music has saved their lives at some point. Their lyrics were so deep and filled with emotion and obviously a reflection of the turmoil he was going through with his mind for a long time.


So this brings me on to my tip of the day which is……. HELP!


Sadly he is not the only person who’s demons are just too much for him to handle, and it shows you that you can have the world at your feet but still deal with the bitch of depression. There are so many people out there who are dealing with mental illness alone and feels like there isn’t anything that can help them, I know I have been there. But you are wrong there is the help and support out there, the best thing I ever did was  admitting to myself and to others I needed help.

So there is one thing we can take away from the tragedy is this stigma linked to mental health problems needs to be wiped out. Please if you are suffering speak out to someone whether it is a friend, family member or doctor just someone. The weight you carry on your shoulders will lighten, by opening up not only are you helping yourself but you’re helping others. You are helping wipe out the stigma; you help others not feel so alone. So before you think it’s the end for you remember your story isn’t over with yet.

Stay safe out there people, we are all in this together.

Vicky xxx



6 thoughts on “Shadow Of The Day

  1. Oh, happy day!

    Blogging by yourself is fun, but is even more fun when you are sharing your thoughts in a community!  Today, I got nominated for the Liebster Award by the lovely prenika. Thanks for the nomination and to all people: if you don’t know her, you should defenitely check out her blog! Thank you again for the nomination.  It makes me so happy!

    Okay, here’s the rules:
    1) Post a short Q&A about themselves
    2) Answer the questions the tagger has asked
    3) Create a new list of questions for their own nominees
    4) Choose a list of their own nominees and notify them

    About me:

    Q: Were you named after anyone?
    A: Yes. I was named after my aunt on my mother’s side of the family. They where very close and my aunt was the first to find out about my mom being pregnant. Sadly, my Aunt’s husband at the time was abusing her and just a few weeks before I born, her husband drove her up into the surrounding mountains and shot her in the head. She was going to leave him and he found out before she could escape. Now, I get the blessing of being named after such an amazing and strong woman!

    Q: If you could go back to any time, during your own life, when would it be and how come?
    A: I would go back to when I was 18 and really listened to everything that my dad ever wanted me to know or teach me because now that he had passed almost 4 years ago now I won’t ever be able to have any type of conversation with him again.

    Q: What are your Top 3 things that matter to you more then anything else in the world?
    A: I can honestly say that my list of 3 things I have always held them close to my heart and see them being my most important. SSSOOO call me corny, that’s ok.       1.) My Family.                                                                                                                                         2.) Being In An Honest Relationship With The Man of My Dreams, with God involved.                                                                                                                                             3.) Happiness!!!

    Q: What is your favorite sport team? Why?
    A: My favorite sports team would have to be the Denver Broncos football team, located in Denver, CO. 

    Q: Favorite Music?
    A: I love music. All kinds of it. I’m all over the bored but mostly like classic and current country, Pop music, Rap, Hip&Pop, classic rock, old school rap and hip&pop. I also am loving a lot of songs MTV currently have been playing up until their award show.

    My Questions for you:( From Bryan)

    What has been the most incredible moment of your life?- I live in Albuquerque, NM my most incredible moment of my life was my boyfriend and I going on a surprise vacation for me and him taking me to sea world and then to really see the sea!
    What or who makes you happy in life? – My Niece’s and Nephew’s make me happy in my life! I love them so unconditionally!
    What do you look for in a friend or in a partner? – Just a really great sense of humor! lol. Someone who can make me laugh and smile even if i’m really mad at that moment.
    Do you have any pets? Do you like animals? – Yes I have a small dog and a really pretty bird.
    Would you consider yourself an outside or inside person?- both. i love them both. but i love even more being comfortable. I do love to go camping for a week at a time and rough it but i also love cuddled up on the couch.
    What is your favorite food?- Gonna sound crazy but that’s okay. Any type of way you can make a potato, I eat them forever!
    Is there a place that you really want to visit (again)? There is a lake up by Durango, CO that is where I’ve gone sense I was a kid. Now that Dad is gone, it makes it even more special!
    The People I have tagged and where chosen!

    Cute Little Thing
    Claudia F. Gomez
    Questions I’ve chosen for YOU to answer:

    What is your biggest regret in life, and if you are okay with sharing, How come?
    If someone just came up to you and offered a helping hand with anything you needed at all, what would it be that you’d ask for help?
    What is the most interesting thing you have come account in the last 2 weeks? It can be anything, the news, an item, something you never knew.
    Are you more of a morning person or a night owl??
    Are you the type of person who feels uncomfortable when a conversation about sex comes up, or are you one to jump in and join the conversation?
    A big thank you to all the readers out there! I can’t say it enough! Good luck to my nominees! I’m gonna do a celebration dance now.

    Stay safe, have tons of fun, share the love, oh and keep an eye on my page. K? 🙂 

    BYE- Dori Friend

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