Counting Sheep…..


Hey everyone 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend, I was a very busy bee this weekend, went to the cinema (war of the planet of the apes what a great film), it was my friends baby girl’s naming ceremony. So even though it was a great weekend seeing friends, it eventually caught up with me and by Sunday evening my diva of anxiety was tingling away under my skin. It felt like my thoughts were going 60 miles a minute just couldn’t seem to slow them down. Did I say something stupid? Did I look stupid? Do they really like me? Wow, my anxiety is such an attention seeking cow bag! Just let me have a great weekend without second guessing it, please.

So this brings me on to my tip of the day…….. REST!

Sleep one of my favourite past times, it is just as important as eating and drinking to a human being. My sleeping pattern admittedly is not great, I either can sleep too much or too little I am struggling to find a happy medium. My off such is broken and I really don’t know how to fix it but I am going to take the steps to improve it the best I can.
Sleep can do wonders for your body in so many ways, you recharge your batteries and it gives you mind some time to rearrange your thoughts into the right boxes up there.
The first step I am taking is routine, I am trying to do things that relax me every night an hour before I need to sleep. I say goodnight to the people I am talking to so I don’t have any distractions while I am trying to get settled. Mute group chats because even know I am going to sleep they could talk for hours and that “beep beep” is just too tempting for me to ignore. The second step I am taking is some nights I will have a nice hot bath with candles music, you know the typical girl’s stuff but you know what it works. I recommend getting into to bed earlier than you need to, get comfy and do something in bed for maybe 30 minutes, some people read some do adult colouring books, whatever floats your boat.
Now there are 3 things I have tried and tested and can work a treat on me to get me to sleep.
• Sleep hypnosis recordings on YouTube can work wonders. Some of them can be hit or miss and don’t work for everyone, my boyfriend things they are annoying for instance. But I have found some great ones for anxiety and depression. I will add some links at the bottom.
• Lavender spray, again this one I really wasn’t sure about but a friend recommended it to me. Smell is one of those senses that can evoke the mind just think of when you smell food cooking you are instantly hungry. A few sprays and your pillow smells like you have just washed them, you can’t beat that feeling of fresh smelling sheets. The spray definitely brings on feelings of relaxation.
• Valerian capsules, this are an herbal tablet I have tried on and off for a while. They actually have a multi use, they can be used to help anxiety as well as aid sleep. So my use for them has varied but I have always seen great results from them. You can get them from Holland and Barrett or other health food places and very reasonably priced.

Like I said at the beginning, I am not perfect and I a still trying to sort my routine out, but I think we all can relate to that feeling when we do finally get a good night sleep. We can go to bed feeling the weight of the world on our shoulders and then when we wake up it has lightened. I feel like under sleeping is a lot easier to fix then over sleeping when I am depressed, I am still trying to work on that.
Well, thank you for reading guys and girls. Pleasant dreams!

Vicky xxx

Two hypnosis channels I use.

8 thoughts on “Counting Sheep…..

  1. Great ideas! I’ve always got a loop of hypnosis tapes to listen to, otherwise I end up learning them word for word! Lavender spray is one of my favourites, I spray it in the room about an hour before I go to bed, it’s amazing! I hadn’t thought of valerian tablets though?! I’ve been given pills by the doctor, but they kind of knock me out, to the point that I wake up with a ridiculous headache and an achy body after not moving from one position for over 12 hours. I’ll have to grab some valerian next time I go out 🙂 thanks Hun xxx

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  2. I put childs animaton film on stops me over thinking so i can sleep. Ive been using this trick for years my husband found it anoying at first but now asking for the “nunight film” as we call it as soon as he hopes into bed

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  3. Thanks for posting this! Never thought of lavender oil but I do use the YouTube calming video things that you put on in the background and listen too and they really help! Great for migraines too!!

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