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I hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend I know I am! So I am currently coming out of a manic cycle to a depressive cycle and now I am feeling back to normal (well as normal as can be!). Like my moods, my life can be very up and down. I feel like I know what I want now (kind of); it has only taken me 28 years! This week has been a big week for me, I have accepted my diagnosis of having Cyclothymia, I have applied for my dream job and I have started the process with dealing with my PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). Also on top of that the normal day-to-day problems, bills, and relationships this is why I need a holiday!

I obviously blog a lot about mental health, there are many factors that influence mental health, lifestyle, the past, medical conditions etc. I posted before about PCOS, but since I am going through another stage with it at the moment I thought it was the time I talked about it a bit more. I know this condition has a big influence on my mental health due it being a hormone imbalance and it affects my everyday life and my future.

So in my post before about PCOS, I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18/19 and I had known for a few years prior that something wasn’t right. Over the years I have learned to deal with it the best I can, sadly the help and support out there isn’t great for it, which is so infuriating. What people don’t understand it is not something that affects people with it once a month it is on going. The weight gain, the hair thinning the excess hair growth and the pain. Also, that is also linked with heart disease, diabetes, mental health, and infertility. Now tell me why this condition isn’t more looked into? Why isn’t there more help? Why is it when I go to the doctors they don’t want to know unless I am looking at trying for a baby, it’s not fair. I have lost count how many times a doctor has turned round and told me I’m over weight (dur I have a mirror), given me medication meant for people with diabetes, its soul-destroying that it feels like no one wants to help.
So it has come to a point where enough is enough, I am tired of periods that cause me to miss days off work because they are extremely painful, sucks the energy out of me and makes my life hell for 5 days. Also never knowing when they are going to happen, not exactly the surprise I want every month. I want to be able to go to the hairdressers more than 2/3 times a year because it causes me to have anxiety because of my hair thinning. It’s time to try to take back control!
Christmas last year was not full of joy for me sadly, me and my partner went through a miscarriage, with the awfulness of that situation wasn’t bad enough, my PCOS just got worse ever since, my weight has sky rocketed, my periods come and go as they please, it was the straw that broke the camels back.
So this last month or so I have done more research into PCOS, I have looked into the way I eat all I can say is thank you PINTEREST!!. I found so many articles about the low GI diet being a great diet for PCOS. I learned all about different food affect my hormone levels and insulin levels and I have started my journey with that diet. The worst part is no milk and cheese thinking about it makes me want to cry, it took me time to get used to almond milk in my tea. I will add some links at the end giving better information than what I could.
I am a big believer in natural medicine and I scoured the Internet for natural supplements to take and I have found a few things. I read up on castus tablets I saw a lot of good reviews on them helping fertility and balancing out hormones. Then I found MYOVA, finally something made for PCOS, the only thing out there that is. I haven’t tried them yet but I will be ordering them this month and I will do a post about them.
I have now been referred by my doctors to a fertility consultant. I went to my first appointment this week and it was amazing. They went through my blood tests with me and gave me some great advice about my diet. I have been booked in for some further blood tests and some scans on my ovaries and my one tube (I only have the one). I finally feel like a doctor is finally trying to help me, and I felt like a weight has been lifted.
PCOS has a big influence on my mental health, I have no confidence with the way I look due to my weight, I am petrified I won’t be able to have kids and it is something I think about on a daily basis and it really gets me down. But now I am on a journey with improving it and hopefully, I will see a positive effect on my body and my mind. I have linked my Pinterest to the page if you would like to have a look at what I have found.
Thank you again for reading 🙂

Vicky xxx


Is Vitex a Remedy for PCOS Symptoms?



26 thoughts on “PCOS And Me

  1. I also have been diagnosed with PCOS. The lack of education about such a common condition is very infuriating. I completely agree with you. That’s why I just started my blog about my journey. I’m also trying to conceive my first child with my husband. If you’d like to hear more please check out my blog!

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  2. I can relate to so much! And I totally agree, there is little to no support for PCOS sufferers out there. I found your post really good to read, I’ve just posted about my own experience, feel free to give it a read! El x

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  3. I found your post really interesting! It’s such a shame PCOS isn’t looked into as much as it should be, it’s he same as most issues in this are! There should be more research, support and open conversations.

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  4. I have PCOS too. Struggled with it all my life, still am. I can totally relate to a lot of things you mentioned. It’s good to know that diet changes can help. I’ve always seen improvements in my cycle irregularity when I exercise regularly. Wish you success in your endeavor.

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      1. I’m so sorry, I just got diagnosed with that earlier this month. I felt like I had been shot, the pain was so sharp and intense. I hope you find releaf, do you have medical marijuana? That helps a lot with pain! I don’t take any type of pain meds ever!


      2. Not exactly, a single ovarian cyst is a different condition. poly cystic ovarian syndrome, where there are multiple cysts in the ovaries, coupled with hormonal imbalance and the effects resulting from it – irregular cycles, weight gain, depression, excessive facial hair, difficulty conceiving and so on and so forth.

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